I’m not a huge bar person. But I know a lot of you go to bars on Friday and Saturday nights.

For some of you, it’s one of the only places that you think you can meet women. But in reality, we all know there’s great places to meet people all over the place. Not only your neighborhood bar. The grocery store.  Coffee shop.  Library. And anywhere else you run your daily errands.

I usually put the bar the last on my list, because it’s about having your game face on. There’s always another guy.  There’s always a bunch of guys that have better game than you. There’s always the guy that makes the move quicker than you. There’s always the guy that seems to be able to take the girl home.

The reason why this happens, is you’ve been trained into thinking that there is some kind of magic pickup line or routine you need to do in a bar.  But if you look at the women in a bar, they put up a lot of their antisocial devices.

When you’re out and about, how often do you see a woman with six friends blocking her from talking to people. But when you see a woman in a grocery store, she’s all by herself, engaged in whatever activity it is. So, being able to talk to her is far easier. When she’s out in a bar, she’s surrounded by her pack. I call it her offensive line. When she has her offensive line around her, she is less open than she ever has been.

Which causes you to think that you need to come up with some magical routine to get her attention. But if you take a look at all these magical routines that she rejects over the course of the night. You’re going to see that these guys thought the same thing.

They thought that there was a magical routine that they needed to do in order to get her attention.  That’s where it comes down to what I say in the video. You see, there’s a quick and easy way to meet women in a bar. You don’t need to memorize anything, except for the few simple little things that are down in this video.

You don’t need to memorize a routine. You don’t need to compete with other guys. As a matter of fact, women will be coming up to you when you use this number one technique to meet women in a bar. You’re going to find it simple.  It’s going to take the stress out of it.  Because I’ve seen guys out in bars and I’ve seen the expectations that you guys have. I’ve seen the amount of stress that’s in your faces.

When you watch this video, you’ll see a quick and simple technique that you can use in your local bar tonight,
tomorrow night, or any night.