Do you want to know why porn is not the way to learn how turn a woman on?

Because while you are just sitting in front of your computer watching porn and jerking off for the millionth time, she is sitting in front of her Netflix watching this movie over and over again. This movie literally drives women wild because it fulfills their wildest ‘seduction fantasy’.

In this movie, written by Woody Allen, there is a scene where a handsome dark, stranger literally walks over and seduces Scarlet Johansson and the other gorgeous actress on the spot. He’s never even seen them before. But he’s got the balls and the confidence to pick them both up at the same time. Women love the possibility of this scene. For them it’s romantic. The thought that it could happen to them. It’s the fantasy they’ve been having since they hit puberty. That a handsome stranger would approach them out of nowhere and whisk them away for a sex, wine and food.

That’s the key difference between men and women. They’re having the same fantasy but for different reasons. And the men who understand this distinction, who know how to use it to approach and seduce women, they’re the ones that get the girl. Or in this case, the girls.

Woody Allen is one of the greatest seducers of women in the history of mankind because he understands this about women. This is the guy they all fantasize about. Bold, mysterious and a little too confident.

If you think about it, this male character has appeared tons of movies. He’s an archetype.

Look at Woody. He’s 5’2″, 100 pounds dripping wet, and has been sexually linked with some of the most beautiful women during his heyday. When he writes a romantic comedy, women swoon at the male characters. Because in reality, when Woody writes the movie, he writes it for the man that he never ever was and always wanted to be.

That’s what makes Woody Allen a genius. Even though Woody Allen really slept with lots of women, he was able to do that because he was so funny, neurotic and brilliant that he was able to attract women. But whenever he puts a leading male character in his movies, women fall in love with him instantly and sleep with him right away. Woody Allen knows how to get into the mind of a woman better than anybody.

I remember growing up and watching ‘Annie Hall’. I remember watching the movie ‘Sleeper’, one of the funniest movies ever. ‘Everything you always wanted to know about sex but was afraid to ask’, one of Woody Allen’s best movies.

But there’s one movie that Woody Allen did that every single woman watches and wishes that a man would go over and approach her just like that. One movie.

Watch today’s video and we’re going to show you exactly what movie that is and how you can make this a reality in your life.