Today I received an email that was really disturbing. I guess he read my Facebook blog from yesterday and did not embrace the message.

It just seems like the new generation is so technology-reliant when it comes down to dating, that they don’t even understand the art of communication.

I’m going to share the email, then I’m going to tell you why I was so outraged by it. A 17 year-old kid wrote this to me:


I’m a 17 year-old guy who’s a little confused about what to do. To start off with, I was working the High School Football game with my teammates and we ran into a group of girls that one of them knew. They were pretty much drunk, and one of them started talking to me. She wasn’t wasted, but she wasn’t sober. After I got her number, then my teammates got her to make out with me. We did it a few other times.

After I got home, I texted her a little bit and she responded a few times. We had a nice little text chat. The next day, I sent her three different messages, trying to start a conversation. They were all about four hours apart. Today, asked her how her soccer tournament went. She never responded to any of them. I read on another site that some women want guys to call them, but it seems almost creepy to me, that with texting, I should outright call them up.


Alright, there are several things we could comment on about this email. We could question how a 17 year-old is out at the High School game drinking and getting drunk. Let’s not be one of ‘those adults’ though. Many of us were drinking when we were 17 years old — maybe not at the football game, but probably a beer here and there at least.

Let’s also for purposes of this blog ignore the terrible grammar and the way this kid writes, because the education system in this country is a mess and we all know that. Our kids are not getting the education that they need, so they can’t even craft an email with sentences that make coherent sense.

Let’s put those couple of things aside. I want to talk about what he said in this email. I want to talk about how he thinks that calling someone up is “creepy.”

The younger generation has become so text-reliant. Actually, it’s not just the younger generation. There are a lot of people I know who are in their 20’s, 30’s — and even in their 40’s — who have become really text-reliant.

Even more specifically, so many people have become so text-reliant when it comes to dating that they don’t even call each other anymore. They don’t even ask someone out on a date in person or live on a call. They text someone to ask them out on a date.

Life is about experiencing emotions. Life is about exchanging emotions. Life is about hearing each other’s voice.

Life is about getting on the phone and learning about each other. It’s not about having short, choppy little text sentences (or more often than not text phrases) going back and forth.

We’ve become so lazy in dating that all we do now is text one another. We don’t even talk anymore. I am in my late 40’s, and I know all of you who are close to my age are probably shaking your head right now and thinking, “Bring back the good old days when we just got on the phone and called each other!”

Here’s an open message to all men reading this: Stop being lazy! If you get a woman’s phone number, call her up on the phone and talk to her. Ask her out properly. That’s what women are looking for from a man.

To the women, if a man is texting you too much then tell him flat out that he is doing that. You know how trainable we men are, so just tell a man who is over-texting to stop it. Say to him, “Call me! Let’s talk like two human beings.”

We have become so technology-based that we have forgotten the art of talking to each other. Next time you go out on a date, why don’t you just text each other the whole date. Sit across from each other with your iPhone and just text each other, because that’s all a lot of you are doing anyway.