Communication skills travelI have a way for you to relate to people so much better!

If you do this one thing, you’re going to become a master communicator.

Here’s what I want you to do. Now, it all depends on your budget, so read through the whole article because there’s something for everybody here.

If you are somebody who has some bucks, I want you to book a trip to a foreign country; preferably one that doesn’t speak much English. Could be Spanish, or French, or German… whatever they speak. It all depends on your budget, and your sense of adventure.

I want you to go there and learn to speak a little bit of a foreign language. Learn just enough to get you by.

Say, “Hello”, find the bathroom, order a meal. Things ike that.

I’ll explain to you in a second why.

If you don’t have a lot of money, what I want you to do is to find the section of your town where the most immigrants live. They speak a different language most the time. I want you to spend a day there trying to find your way around and communicating. This is why I want you to do this stuff. For one, when you can’t speak the language, it’s going to force you to listen better. It’s also going to force you to make great eye contact.

Let me explain a bit more.

Whenever you’re in a foreign country or you have to deal with somebody that doesn’t speak English, you have to listen carefully. You have to look at them in their eyes to build trust and rapport. By building up trust and report, they want to do things to help you. It’s also a way to learn to communicate better with the opposite sex, when you first meet a woman.

When you look her directly in the eyes, you’re building trust and rapport. You’re also building a sense of conversation without actually having the conversation.

By going to a foreign country for a week, it’s going to force you to listen better. You’re going to talk to lots of people hoping to find somebody who speaks English. Not only that, it’s also going to keep you present. When you’re present, you communicate better.

You see what this exercise really does?

It teaches you better communication skills, AND how to be present.

It teaches confidence. It teaches you how to be alone. It gets you to rely on yourself, and it breaks down your fear. When you’re in another country or when you’re in a section of your town that doesn’t speak English, you’re working on skills to communicate better and to be more present.

It’s something I want you to try. It’s an effective way to become a more fluent and confident communicator.