Summer Memories

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My birthday is in the summertime, and I always seem to get very nostalgic around the time of my birthday. It’s interesting how the summers just don’t have the same meaning they used to have.

I live in Los Angeles, so the weather is definitely a factor. There is no anticipation of the summer here. It’s funny when I hear people here in Los Angeles say things like “It’s finally summer!” What was it before, about ten degrees cooler than that? That mentality is just so ridiculous to me.

Summer just doesn’t mean what it used to mean. Summer used to mean the world to me when I was young. Growing up in New York, summer came after suffering through a very long and cold winter.

Summer, though, meant getting to go to great places. As a kid, I used to go to Brant Lake Camp in upstate New York. I went on a teen tour called American Trails West which took me all over the west, and which gave me an appreciation of another part of the country.

I also spent part of my summers in The Hamptons. We had a beach house in Hampton Bays that was right on the beach, and my grandmother would monitor the visits. We were only allowed to have a week at the end of the summer, because the rest of the summer was just for her.

When I was growing up, we had a lot of rules in my family. You had to go to summer camp. If you wanted to work, you were still sent away to summer camp.

My father really didn’t particularly like messing around with us in the summer time. He wanted to spend the time alone with my mother. My mother really did not want to spend the time alone with my dad, so there was quite a bit of controversy in this house.

So, summertime was always interesting. I had lots of great jobs. I even worked in a pharmacy, which was fun because I got to mix things that I’d never mixed before in my life.

What was your favorite summer memory? What summer was your favorite summer?

To me, there was nothing better than taking my little AM/FM transistor radio, going to the beach, moving the antenna around until you got the radio station you wanted coming in semi-clearly, and then just sitting there and swimming. I used to love doing the same routine over and over again: You’d go in the water and swim literally for a couple of hours, come out and lay in the sand, do a fake beard, run back in the water to rinse off, and then go back into the sun and rub on some Coppertone SPF 4.

I remember so well the smell of the Coppertone. To me, Coppertone has this nasty odor but it reminds me of childhood. It reminds me of the beach, and it reminds me of The Hamptons. I would cover myself with Coppertone, and I would lay there and I would tune my radio.

It’s amazing how everything now is digital. The kids growing up nowadays don’t even get to hear what the sound of a crackling radio sounds like on the beach, because they get to listen to clear music in their iPods. I love the crackling sound of a radio on the beach, and the sound of all different radios playing different things as you walked along the beach.

There were no boom boxes like everyone was using in the ’80s and the ’90s. Everyone wasn’t plugged into something and listening to their own headset.

The beach had a certain sound. It had the sound of the water. It had the sound of the crashing waves. It had the sound of music alongside the sounds of New York Mets games. It had the sounds of stations like 77 WABC Radio, or 102 WPIX.

It was different. I remember always taking the bus to camp every single summer, being shuffled off with all the other strange kids you didn’t know, and (as it was in the beginning of the summer) having to celebrate my birthday with 500 kids I didn’t know singing me happy birthday.

Summer was about accomplishing some type of athletic goal, whether it was getting better at tennis or baseball, or swimming fifty miles in laps by the end of the summer. Summer was amazing.

Now summer is just work, getting some weekends off and maybe taking a trip. It’s just not like it was as a kid.

So what was your favorite childhood summer memory? What was your favorite summer date?

I remember dating in the summertime was so different too when I was younger. Summer was just about going out and having fun. There were no responsibilities. There was no running a business.

It was going to college, then coming home for the summer and trying to hook up all summer long with local girls. I had all this confidence as a college kid coming home for the summer.

So, those are some of my favorite summer memories. What are your favorite summer memories? What do you miss most about being a kid in the summertime?

What are your favorite adult summer memories? I’ve got some of those too, but I felt like reflecting a little bit. I don’t know about you, but something about birthdays always makes you think back and appreciate all the things that your life was all about through the years.

In today’s podcast, I talk all about why you should treat summer like you did when you were a kid, and why people are attracted to mature kinds of childlike behavior. Find out how to create some of your best dates and how to really make summer the time you can create memories with someone.


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Sandra says

2009-07-16 06:22:00

Ahh! Summer memories when I was a child our family would sometimes go to see our relatives in another state or just stay home here in Tennessee. I used to ride my bike down the road and follow a stream after it rained. But today is different you can not allow your child to walk to see the neighbors next door. My favorite vacation was going to see my cousin in W VA and walking trails and seeing what the mountains were all about seeing my ggm and hearing my gm churning butter. These were good ole days back in the sixties and seventies.
Rey says

2009-07-11 09:23:19

Nice post David, I remember my times when I was a kid on summer time, I used to take off early in the morning since I didn't have school and wouldn't come home until late evening about 10 or 11 pm. All the kids were out and about enjoying their 2 or 3 months they had. So it was a big deal for us too. When I was a teenager most of our time was spent at the beach having BBQ's, playing beach volleyball, surfing, having hotel parties w/ friends. I also remember our band getting hired to play at ridiculous parties since we were the youngest band in high school who played at bars & clubs for money. The sad part was we couldn't drink since we were only 15 & 16 yrs old but that was okay at least we still had a great and fun time! When I think of summer, I think of being free from all the obligations I had as a kid. Who said kids didn't have responsibilities? I know I did! Home, school and being a kid growing up, yeah we did....Summer time is a time to relax and enjoy every bit of your day. It's a time to let loose and have a fun great time! My son is spending his time with me over the summer and we're having such a blast just enjoying being a kid again. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Life can't get any better than this :)
Adam says

2009-07-10 09:55:18

John - There might not be a group of sportbike riders in your area. Start a group yourself and other people will join, or look for other activities. You can search by activity or by geographic area.
john says

2009-07-10 07:38:54

I've never been able to figure out the I tried looking for other people with sportbikes in my area to ride with, but It just keeps sending me emails saying there are X number of people looking for tuis group, but no way to contact anyone. Anyone know what I am doing wrong??
Do You Overmanscape? | Dating Tips and Dating Advice by David Wygant says

2009-07-10 12:10:42

[...] So last night we decided to create our own summer memory. You remember the blog I recently wrote about summer memories? If not, then click here. [...]
Mee says

2009-07-10 04:28:25

Too bad it’s summer all year long in my country… It’s not even special! Oh and David, it’s strange no one’s asking about the childhood surprise 'cause I’m really curious. =) P.S Use this comment instead of the last one, David, I changed my email.
I am Me says

2009-07-10 04:26:11

Too bad it's summer all year long in my country... It's not even special! Oh and David, it's strange no one's asking about the childhood surprise because I'm really curious. =)
Coach Kimberly says

2009-07-09 20:14:57

David--LOVE this blog as it sits home as we speak. I'm currently at my summer home where I grew up in Michigan. I'm with my kids and I now remember the purity of summer through their eyes! What is great is that there are no videos and electronic devices that stimulate them...just pure fun of the rocks and the beach. Gosh I miss the sound of the waves....the smell of the air....the taste of fresh corn.... Anthony--this is the perfect time to be like a kid and meet new people! If you ever watch very young kids on a playground or beach where they don't know anyone, they simply go up to other children and just start doing whatever they are doing. They are totally in the moment....they see something they like and want to do and just do it without hesitation! This really is the secret to meeting new and women. Kids don't have all of that monkey chatter in their head saying,"maybe they won't like me." So be like those kids and jump in...ya might have fun!
Mario says

2009-07-09 15:22:23

EveryOne Should Watch The Movie "YeSMan" With Jim Carrey Its the "Perfect" Example Of Summer Fun And Being A Teenager Again!! Its An Awesome Movie Thanks David You Are So Right Man You Are A "YES MAN"
yours howe says

2009-07-09 11:20:01

Marina- have you ever tried what you think about it?
Marina says

2009-07-09 10:09:13

Anthony, try there a ton of different activities and it's always fun meeting other doing something you like. Good luck
Big PP says

2009-07-09 08:25:38

Definetly Poetic! I remember running around outside majority of the day with my shirt off, popsicle sticks and the anticipation of getting out of school for the summer. Also going to play in the "slip n slide". We were so young and so free! No jobs and nothing else to do but be a kid and have fun. It's crazy because I plan trips during to summer to bring back that "fun" that I used to have as a kid. But when I was a kid I couldn't afford to take trips so we had the best time playing around the neighborhood with other kids.
pua says

2009-07-09 08:00:01

I'm up in the New England Area.. I love summer! haha
Adam says

2009-07-08 20:33:59

Being an adult is highly overrated! So what's the big secret activity David? My favorite part of the summer was that 3 months off felt like a year. Why is it that 3 months as an adult passes in a sneeze when as a kid it seemed like forever. I want time to slow down like it did as a kid! :) Anthony - Most of us have been in the same boat you are at some point in our lives. I've moved to new areas 3 times and had to make new friends each time. It's a fun process. If you like the people you work with hang out with them or use them for knowledge about where to go locally. Go to places you enjoy, do things you love, be social, be yourself, talk to everyone and you'll make new friends. Check out to search for groups that have activities in your area and before you know it you'll have a whole new group of friends! Best wishes
Jeffrey says

2009-07-08 20:14:19

wow that was great podcast thanks!!!
Anthony says

2009-07-08 13:59:18

Hey David What if you dont no anybody around you??? I just moved to a new area about six months ago, I live in a apartment. I cannot go out and have fun because I dont know anybody on this side of the town. All of my closests friends live about 45 minutes away. I find it rather difficult being in a new enviorment and enjoying my summer Any advice????