Are you guys enjoying your summer? When I was a kid, summers were really special. I went to camp, and the nights were great. We played outside until 9 at night. It’s so different as an adult. I mean sure, the weather’s nice and stuff like that, and I appreciate that, but I live in Los Angeles. The weather is pretty much nice all the time.

I miss those fun summer memories. Those really cool times when you played kick the can or capture the flag until 9 at night. I remember when I was a kid, I used to go to sleep in the summertime, and it would be light, and my mom would tell me to go to bed.

And I thought to myself, I could be out there playing. My bedtime was 8 at night, but yet it was still light until it was 9.

Summer Dates

One of my favorite summertime memories was when the ocean got warmer because I lived on the East Coast and grew up in New York. The ocean would get warmer and each day, and I’d be able to spend a little longer in the water and a little longer in the water. Summers to me were about so many great amazing memories.

Have any of you created a new memory this summer that you just will always look back upon and remember the summer of 2011 as that summer that you did that new special thing? Share with me today some of your new summer memories. Look forward to hearing what you’ve got or plan to do.