The other day I watched this movie called The Founder with Michael Keaton.

It’s all about Ray Kroc.

For those of you who have lived under a rock all these years, Ray Kroc, as everybody in the world knows, is the founder of McDonalds.

But was he?

You see, the original McDonalds was founded by the McDonald brothers in San Bernardino.

They ran this little fast food hamburger store that, back in 1954, was all the rage.

You see, in the ’50’s, it was all about drive-ups. Waitresses on roller skates.

Sitting in your car and eating.

I think you remember the cars from those days. The front seats were as big as living room sofas.

Ray Kroc was 52 at the time, and he was a salesman. He was selling blenders.

And the McDonald brothers ordered six of them.

Ray was so fascinated, he drove all the way from Missouri out to California to see what this restaurant called McDonald’s was all about.

At that stage in his life, he was really no more than a door to door salesman. For probably 30 years, he sold anything and everything he possibly can get his hands on.

But he had a vision when he saw this restaurant.

He became the head of franchising for the McDonald brothers’ franchise.

What he did over the next couple of years was expand McDonalds. But he realized that the percentage he was getting was not enough to make him rich.

Now, this is something I talk about all the time. When you’re out and about, you need to consistently be talking to people, listening to conversations, and jumping in and communicating with people that are interesting.

Ray Kroc was at a bank one day. The mortgage lender was telling him non-stop that he needs to make the payments on the mortgage he took out to open up his franchise.

He was going to lose his house.

Sitting in the smaller cubicle next to him was a man who overheard the conversation, who walked out and taught Ray Clock how to become rich.

Together, they bought all the land and then leased the land back to the franchisees. By being the landowner, that’s how you get rich. You control everything. You control the lease, you control the restaurant, you control the whole thing.

Ray Kroc went on to screw the McDonald brothers. You can watch the movie yourself and find out the story. But the point, and the bottom line of all this, is that you are never too old to have what you want in your life.

Colonel Sanders founded Kentucky Fried Chicken at 64.

There are many stories of people who are supposedly past their prime that were able to go on and amass wealth and riches beyond their wildest dreams.

So that’s the mind set that everyone needs to have. It doesn’t matter where you are now, because life will constantly present opportunities. It’s a matter of how you see the opportunity and what you do with the opportunity. Age means nothing.

Working hard,

Working smart,

And being self-aware over the entire journey allows the opportunities to come in.

Ray never quit.

What he did to the McDonald brothers was definitely some shady business practice.


He never quit at all. He really believed that he would be wealthy. He didn’t care what others thought. When he was pitching the restaurant and the franchise to people, they all laughed at him because he’s pitched so many things before. But this one was different.

It doesn’t matter how many failures you’ve had or how many things you’ve tried.

The point of this amazing movie is to keep going. Even the actor who portrayed Ray Kroc, Michael Keaton, vanished for over six years. Couldn’t get a job, couldn’t get work at all. He was washed up in the business.

Then he did the movie Bird Man, and he’s been on a role ever since. He never quit, he never stopped, he never stopped believing in himself, and he didn’t take no for an answer. So it’s pretty amazing that Michael Keaton played Ray kroc. The similarities are definitely there.