Strip Me Of All My Money! By David Wygant

Recently I was thinking about why a man who has any decent amount of money would would go into a strip club where he will spend a couple grand and walk out of there with only a lipstick smear on his cheek to show for it.

Strip clubs have always been the biggest waste of time and money ever known to mankind. I’ve had a lot of stripper friends. If you ever heard what they thought of the men who walk into a strip club and fill their bank accounts, you would be shocked.

Here are five things my stripper girl friend’s have told me:

1. If your wallet comes out and you’re a paying customer, you are not going to get laid unless you pay for it.
2. If they get you into the VIP back room within three minutes, they will take as much money from you as they possibly can because they know you are easy prey.
3. If they ask you for your phone number, they will never call you. They only want it so they can continue to subtract the Benjamins from your wallet.
4. If you do want to get to know them personally and you do want to sleep with them in the future, you NEVER give in to the lap dance. You instead reject the lap dance and throw it back on her, asking her if she would like a lap dance from you. If you want to flirt with strippers, then you have to bust them and reverse the rolls.
5. Telling a stripper that it’s your first time being in a strip club, even though you’re a regular, is completely transparent to her. She’s a master at figuring out your bullshit. Look at her as a naked used car salesman with the biggest headlights you’ve ever seen.

This blog, though, is not about how to land a stripper. Personally, I’ve dated a few strippers when I was in my twenties. I was pretty fascinated by the stories they would tell me and by the many different ways they used to extract money from gullible men.

Let me ask you a question. Is is just me, or is the idea of having your groin teased with no release just not fun? On top of that, you’re paying for it! I mean really . . . how ridiculous!!

You get to pay someone to dance on your groin, so you can go home later and jerk it yourself. It just seems like really expensive foreplay with yourself.

Why don’t you just take yourself out to dinner, stare into your own eyes, and seduce yourself? Or, why don’t you send yourself dirty text messages all night long about what a stud you are in bed?

Or maybe . . . there is a better option. Why don’t you just get up the guts and go after the women you really want so you no longer have to be teased by strippers who only want your Benjamins.

Let’s be real. If you are going to a Vegas strip club thinking you might actually get laid at the club, save your money ahead of time. It’s just not going to happen. Most strippers are not whores. Some are, but many are not.

Spending a couple hundred dollars to sit in a chair listening to some Metallica song playing while a stripper bounces up and down dry humping me is not exactly fun. What’s fun about being teased by someone with whom you’re never going to be able to finish?

I have no issues with dry humping. It’s fun . . . as long as it’s done with somebody with whom I’m going to also do some wet humping.

To go into a strip club so I can give a woman I’ll never see again her rent money, is both degrading and stupid. Guys who think they are going to hook-up and have sex with a stripper might as well just go on craigslist and get themselves a real hooker. It’s cheaper and you’re going to get off.

I have never understood the attraction of going to a strip club so I can be teased all night long . . . and paying for it. It’s funny how many men will go to a bar where they get teased by women all night long, who will then leave there and think it’s a good idea to go to strip club where they get teased more all night long. What’s the point?

The point is that if you want to get laid, then you have got to learn how to connect with women! There is no point in ever setting foot in a strip club if you understand how to relate to and meet women.

For those of you who go to strip clubs and get nothing out of it except an empty wallet, then I suggest you take a good look at my Men’s Audio Mastery Series.

Look, if you want to pay for it, at least go to a rub ‘n tug. That way you get a massage and a happy ending for far less than what it costs to be teased by man-hungry strippers.