chasing womenWhy do so many of you guys feel like you have to convince women to date you?

Are you really that pathetic?

Do you not practice self-love and self-confidence?

Do you not have any pride?

Why do you think you have to convince women to date you?

You can’t convince a woman to want you. Attraction isn’t a choice. Either a woman feels it or she doesn’t. Imagine going on a date with a woman, and then her calling you non-stop even though you’re not attracted to her. But imagine her trying to convince you non-stop how wonderful it would be to be with you, and how great you would be together. Wouldn’t it annoy you? Wouldn’t you see her as the most desperate and insecure woman you’d ever met?  

Of course you would! So why do I keep getting these emails?


There’s a girl I’m trying to convince to date me, but I just don’t understand her. She’s not interested in me. Sometimes she responds harshly to me too. I want her so badly. How can I get her to date me?”

She responds harshly to you? Do you have a complex?

She’s not interested in you. Give it up. Do you really want to be with a woman who reacts harshly to you anyway?

It’s not healthy being with a woman who is going to bust your balls and make you feel insure and insignificant all the time. It’s amazing how many guys put up with this. There was a client of mine a couple of years ago who was in an abusive relationship. The woman actually beat him. That’s right. She hit him, yet he stayed with her because he “loved her” and didn’t think he deserved any better. And that’s what these kind of emails tell me.

If you spend all your time trying to convince women to date you, you shouldn’t even be dating right now. You should be listening to my audio called “Self-love.”

You need to improve your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem. You need to feel great as a man, because if not you’re going to keep attracting mean, abusive women, who only want to be with you because they know they can control you. You can’t convince women you’re great. They have to see it themselves.

It’s time to man up and start working on yourself. Women are not the end all be all. A relationship doesn’t define who you are. You need to define yourself before you have a relationship. My advice to you is get your balls and your manhood back, and THEN go and find a girlfriend. Don’t waste your time chasing women who don’t want you!