Clothing Tips By David Wygant

Alright, so let’s talk about clothing for a minute. First of all, if you own a wardrobe full of things that don’t fit you anymore (because you paid $30 for them six years ago and you are still trying to wear them) you need to get rid of them immediately.

If you’ve lost some weight, and you’re wearing a pair of shorts that you have to belt, and those shorts look like they would fit your Grandpa Mickey, you need to get rid of them.

Women want to see what your body looks like – whether or not you are muscular, skinny, or have a few extra pounds – women want to see what they’re getting into. And they have every right to see what they’re getting into because we actually demand it of women.

We love to see women in clothes that actually fit them so we also know what we’re getting into. A lot of guys like women that are a little bit chunkier. A lot of guys like women that are heavy. A lot of guys like women that are thin. But guys like to see women in clothing that actually fits them, so they can see the body type that they are attracted to.

In terms of men, so many men wear these shirts that are three sizes too big, that drape down off their shoulders, and they just look like their grandfather gave it to them – or it was a college graduation present from their dad like 20 years ago.

Some guys have purchased a pair of shorts or jeans where the wash is 30 years old – but they’re all paid for, you don’t owe any money on them, no finance charges or anything! – and you continually keep wearing them even though they don’t look good. They don’t fit well; the ass is all sagged out…

So if you’re walking around in a pair of jeans or shorts that make you look like you’re wearing over-sized diapers for adults, it’s time to go and find a new wardrobe!

You have to look for your clothing based on how it fits. Do your shirts fit on your shoulders? Do your pants fit around your waist without falling down? When you wear those pants, do you need to hold onto them with two fingers so they don’t fall down to the ground?

Apparently many guys think that holding onto their pants while they walk around is a necessary thing, but actually, the only time you want your pants falling down to the ground is when a woman drops them for you!

So update that wardrobe and make sure that you get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Don’t be attached to them – you bought them, they’ve been paid for – donate them! That’s what Goodwill is for, that’s what Salvation Army is for – and it’s before April 15th, so you can mark the whole thing as a tax write off!

If you buy new clothes, you should never be wearing the old stuff again that doesn’t look good on you. Don’t become a packrat. Look at it, realize that it got good wear, take it and give it to somebody else. Let them wear it – preferably someone with bigger shoulders and a bigger waist than yours! Or someone who doesn’t mind jeans that have been out of style for ten years – there’s always a home for every pair of jeans and lost shorts that are out there.

When you update your wardrobe, the same suitcase that you carried home from all of the clothing stores is the same suitcase that needs to go on the curb with a sign that says: FREE STUFF – Take me PLEASE before I decide to wear it again!

When you buy new clothes, they should not have labels on them for three months because you are “saving” them for a special event. Start wearing those new clothes on a daily basis – get used to the new you in them, and embrace the new you in them. Get used to the way you look – it’s going to take some time if you’ve been used to wearing baggy clothes to get used to wearing fitted stuff (which happens to look better on you anyway.) So look at your self in the mirror, start wearing the new stuff out.

Wearing stuff that actually fits you helps your posture too. Wearing a shirt that fits will help you to not roll your shoulders forward, and you’ll be more conscious of your posture. A shirt that fits you tighter is going to make you want to stand up straight and not hunch over like Cro-Magnon man.

So there are some tips for you to wear your new clothes right!