Man, do we love speculation in this country or what?

I listen to NFL radio when I’m driving year-round. I enjoy it. It’s the only sport that I like. I love the analogy, I love the speculation of it.

It gets my brain thinking. I like the announcers.

But last week, ooh, Josh McDaniels.

Man, I’ve been listening to that today, yesterday, and by the time you read this article I’m sure a few more days.

It’s a speculation game.

Let’s call it the modern-day Patriot game.

What really went on in the mind of Josh McDaniels?

What happened? Why did he change his mind? And at the very, very last minute?

He’s like the evil pariah now of the NFL.

People hate him. People think he’s a scum bag.

He’ll never get hired again.

He’s not to be trusted.

Who cares?

No one will ever know what went down between Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels on that Tuesday in February after a Superbowl loss.

Yet, the speculation is unreal. It’s nonstop.

All you hear is, was he promised the job?

Is Belichick only going to coach two more years?

McDaniels becomes the next — wink wink — coach of the Patriots?

Though it’s not in writing, because that was one of the things that was said, that in writing there is no agreement that McDaniels will be the next Patriots head coach.

But why would he?

It’s so obvious.

We don’t even need speculation to talk about it for days.

It’s obvious.

Belichick and Crab sat down McDaniels and said, don’t take the job. The Patriot’s job is yours in x amount of time. We need you here. We want you here. You love it here (which he does).

Because he was never able to leave any other year.

And it’s the end of conversation.

Oops, did I just speculate?

The speculation will go on and on, and that as human beings we love to do. We love to speculate. We love to speculate about what happened during This Is Us.

We love to speculate about the weather. Will the weather be good this summer? Will the weather be good this weekend?

We want to speculate about stock prices and the future of Bitcoin.

We want to speculate about what someone meant in their text.

We love to speculate.

We spend hours and hours a day playing speculation games about not only ourselves, but about other people.

Why? Because most of our lives are boring.

Mine’s not boring at all, so I don’t spend much time speculating.

Yet, most people speculate because their own life is not really that interesting. And then when they speculate in their own life, they’re speculating out of frustration.

Instead of speculating and wondering what Josh McDaniels did or what happened on This Is Us, think of your own speculation and start speaking the truth.

If you’re speculating about something that’s going on in your life, maybe you should sit down and talk to the person instead of speculating a conversation and see what happens.

So that’s a short little message today for all you.