You got her number.  Now what do you do?

You worked so hard to get the phone number.  Everything was perfect.

All the stars were aligned, everything worked out great.

She was laughing at your jokes.

Now what do you do?

You go home, write down everything you talked about and be aware of key points in what she told you.

As I’ve always told you guys, knowledge is key.  Knowledge is power and the more information you possess the better you’re going to be at closing a woman.

Closers get laid.  Openers get the number, but closers get laid.  Keep that in mind.

Now I’m not Alec Baldwin right now yelling at you like in Glen Gary Glen Ross, but I might be in a minute if you don’t listen up.

So here’s the deal: you got her number.  You learned something about her.  Let’s say you met her at a coffee shop and you learned that she loves Italian coffee.

A couple hours later you text her and say, “It’s funny what you said about coffee.  You’re 100% right, and I’m going to tell you why…”

She’s going to want to know why.  You’ve intrigued her now.  You’ve opened her up a little bit if you have the conversation again via text a little bit later about coffee.

Let’s say for instance you met her at a donut shop and she tried the glazed donut that you recommended.  You text her a couple hours later and you say this:

“How’s that donut, did you save me a bite?” Bring her back to that moment.  You have a little bit of a conversation there, and then get her on the phone.

All women love to be asked out by the phone. So how do you get her on the phone when most people don’t answer their phone?

Here’s a little trick that I do.  I’ll text her and I’ll say, “Hey what are you doing right now, do you have a sec?”

And of course she’s going to wonder—that curiosity is going to come into her brain and she’s going to say, “Yeah, what’s up?”

Pick up the phone, calling you now.  

Text that to her.

Then wait about 30 seconds.  Then pick up the phone.  Call her.

Talk to her briefly and then ask her out.  That’s how you do it.  That’s how you trap her to basically answer the phone.  Otherwise some women nowadays you get stuck in text battles forever and ever and ever or you go to voicemail hell.

That’s one of many things that I do in order to intrigue her once you get the phone number.

Here’s another simple tip to make her want to hang out with you: