I spoke about this subject very recently, but I’ve had a flurry of emails about it, so here it is, and this time I’ll say it loud and clear!

In all the years I’ve been coaching, one of the biggest hang-ups I see guys have is the fear of rejection. You look high and low for some kind of magic pill that suddenly eliminates all rejection from your life when you swallow it. Have you found it yet? The magic pill you’re so desperate for?

Well, I have it for you.

The magic pill you’ve been looking for comes in the form of a big dose of truth.

You ready for it?

Open wide…

There is NO way to avoid rejection!

You will NEVER be able to avoid rejection unless you lock yourself away and never come out.

What you can avoid is your FEAR of rejection. You can avoid getting so down hearted about the women who aren’t interested in you, and start celebrating the ones that are. Think about it this way…

Tom Brady goes back and throws a pass. The pass goes incomplete. Isn’t that a form of rejection/failure?

A baseball player gets 3 hits for every 10 at bat and he’s in the Hall of Fame. What about the other 7? Does he consider it rejection?

A good sales person can close maybe 2 out of 10 leads. Does he worry about the other leads or does he celebrate the 2 leads that he closed?

In all aspects of life you’re going to run into rejection. It’s how you feel and react to those rejections that determine whether you’re going to win or lose in the game of life. If you’re going to drive yourself nuts because one woman you approached rejected you, you may as well never approach a woman again.

Here’s what you need to remember when you run into a woman who isn’t interested in you. She’s not rejecting you as a person. It doesn’t mean you’re not a good man. It doesn’t mean you’re not successful. And it doesn’t mean there won’t be a hundred other women out there who would love to date you.

When a woman rejects you, it just means she’s choosing someone else instead of you. So what? Move on to the next woman.

You have to grow some balls. So many guys are afraid of rejection and if you’re afraid of rejection, you’re never going to succeed at anything in your life.  In life, in order to succeed, you’re going to have to face rejection. There’s no way around it. The sooner you accept it’s not personal, the faster you’ll be able to get out there and find the women who do want you.

I get rejected too sometimes, but do I let it bother me?

Of course not. If I approach 30 women and 29 say no, so what?

I get to spend time with that 1 beautiful woman that said yes.

So stop caring, start doing, and remember life is just a big game of percentages. Keep playing the percentages and eventually something will hit for you. Everything in life worth doing has its ups and downs. So, here’s what I want you to do…

Go out there and get rejected. It means you’re actually going out there and meeting people.   

Some More Thoughts From My Weekend…

Self-improvement is hard.

I got to tell you something…

My friend Jon came over this week, and he’s been shooting videos with me.

I’ve got a new member’s area coming where I post videos every single week. It’s going to be awesome. It’s all coaching, mindset, lifestyle, and all that good stuff.  We literally went crazy and filmed a ton. We shot a ton of stuff for Youtube too, and for some other products I’ve got on the horizon.

Did we stop there?

Nope, we did some podcasts and audio products. Honestly, we went creative crazy!

That night he looked at me and he says, “Being a self-improvement guy is really exhausting isn’t it?”

And it’s so true because we always have to be “on.”

We constantly have to be positive, have to be creating things, creating new content, sound bites, blogs, videos, everything.  And they all need to be great. They have to be positive and inspiring. But sometimes you’re just fucking tired. Sometimes you just don’t feel like being “on.”

Especially when we were doing all these videos for the member’s site.  It was all about approaching women and breaking down the approach. Flirting with women and explaining what we did. Some of you would probably say to yourself, “God, that just sounds like so much fun.”

And granted it is fun, but think about this…

Going and approaching women, talking to them non-stop, having to be on it, then afterwards giving a full break down of every bit of that conversation, so you can become powerful and more dynamic in your conversations with people.  

You can never take a break.  The cameras are rolling and you can’t take a break. Same when you’re coaching, you can’t take a break.

And I kind of push myself sometimes a little too hard.  I think it’s the OCD in my brain.  I want to get as much done as I possibly can, because I want to get all the stuff in my head out there for you. I want you to have amazing content and amazing products. I want you to be inspired by, and learn from them all.

But I got to tell you, being a self-improvement guy sometimes is f&^%ng exhausting!

You know what though?

I wouldn’t do anything else with my life.  It’s an amazing way to live, because I truly do enjoy inspiring you guys.  I truly enjoy teaching you guys. I enjoy everything I do. Sometimes though, you do need a break. You need time out to relax and think.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little bit about what my life is about privately with all of you today. Enjoy what you do, live with enthusiasm and passion, but don’t forget to take some time out for YOU!