Some men will get excited about the idea of staring at a woman’s picture on a screen, sending a few texts back and forth, then going to have sex with that total stranger who is just a text message and picture person.

Sign me up for the Tinder hook up. Sounds so exciting to me. Not really. But so many people are doing it and I don’t understand it.

Look, I haven’t become a prude in my old age. As a matter of fact, I think sex is great, but great sex is all about when you connect with somebody. How much connection can you possibly have and how excited can you possibly be by looking at words on a screen and a picture on a screen?

It makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

What’s the Point of Actually Talking in Person?

I remember awhile ago, I was flirting with a woman on Tinder, trying to get to know her. I wanted to exchange phone numbers and talk. And she asked why. Her actual response was, “Are you not excited enough by my picture?”

I said to her in the text, “No, your picture doesn’t excite me. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you’re about. I can’t feel you. So, how can I be excited about a picture?”

tinder hook upShe then wrote back and said, “Well other guys are. I’ll just go to them.”

Is that what we’ve come down to? Being excited about a picture on a screen or an app called Tinder or Bumble?

Sign me up for that sex. Probably real great. Nothing like propositioning one another as quickly as possible.

What Comes After the Tinder Hook Up?

But then again, a lot of women don’t proposition men right away, and men seem to think Tinder is like the cave man days. So, they’ll consistently hit up women, talk sex, send dirty photos, thinking women just want to go and have sex with some random person who is just a picture to them.

Is this really what we’ve come down to? We’re just about picture dating, picture hook ups. I can’t wait for virtual reality. That’s going to be so much fun. Can you imagine virtual reality dating?

What, you don’t want to hang out? We’ve already passed through each other’s energy field.

So many fun things we can be doing as we pass through each other’s energy field.

And if you think it’s not coming, I can tell you, it definitely is. So, enjoy your Tinder hook ups because they are just the beginning of what’s really going to be a messy online dating world.