I write articles for Yahoo! so the masses can be educated in dating. The concepts that I write about for yahoo.com are entirely different from those I write about on this blog.

The stuff I write for yahoo.com is lighter, and does not go into as much depth on topics as we do here on the blog. The reason for this, as all of you know, is because I don’t control editorial content on Yahoo!. So I write pieces for Yahoo! that will appeal to its editors as well as to the masses. That way, people can come to the blog, read things that are in depth, we can create a community and forum for other people to post and from which to learn.

If I owned Yahoo!, I could write whatever I want. And if I did own Yahoo!, I probably wouldn’t be writing at all – I would be hanging out in a villa on Lake Cuomo with George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Back to reality. I’m not friends with Brad Pitt. I don’t own Yahoo!. But what I do own is the right to publish and call out some of the people that have written to me on Yahoo!.

Most of the emails that I receive are great! But there are some people in this world who are extremely angry, and they choose to voice their anger based on a fluff piece written for Yahoo!. The fluff pieces on Yahoo! have some really good tips in them, but in order to master the art of dating you need to go deeper into all the issues. That is what we do here in our community.

Your success in dating is not going to change because you read one article. If changing your dating life was as simple as reading an article posted on Yahoo!, then there wouldn’t be so many people out there frustrated trying to meet somebody. The people who react negatively to dating tip articles are people who are really frustrated in their own life. They read an article, try something recommended in that article one time, and when it doesn’t work they’ll never try it again.

Life does not change based on something you read. It changes after months and years of working on yourself. But Americans are so used to instant gratification, that they give up when they read something and it doesn’t work immediately for them.

If you ever disagree with anything I say, POST IT! Everything is open for discussion. If you find something that I said to be offensive, post it! Let’s talk about it in the community. This blog is all about creating a community of men and women who want to learn more about the opposite sex, and who want to connect with them on a higher, deeper, and more authentic level.

So, without further ado, here’s some of my favorite nasty emails that I received in response to the last yahoo.com piece. Enjoy!

If any of you who have sent me these emails want to get into an open discussion about sex, dating or relationships: bring it on! I challenge you to step up to the plate and get involved. Not only will I enjoy the banter with you, but I know everybody in the community will love it as much as I do.

Here they are:

Dear Mr Wygant,

so sorry to inform you .. you are a real standout leader of the moronic masses. I think it makes you a kind of uber-moron yourself. You should know, referring to (some) women as ‘hotties’ just isn’t helping humankind move ahead. And as to your reference to ‘an owner’s manual for women’, I’m afraid that really marks you as … perhaps a few cards short of a full hand. Even within the dismal American cultural landscape, your poor efforts are quite extraordinarily pathetic.

In case you do have a little bit of consciousness and in case it hurts, there is one sure way to end the pain – just pull the plug, dear fellow.

I really do have to recommend you think carefully about that, because AS I’M SURE YOU WILL AGREE there is no sign of a worthy leader under the name or appearance of David Wygant. And since you have pushed yourself so far to become an aggravating little spurt of noise – it shouldn’t be too hard to go the extra inch, turn off the tap and head back to wherever the fuck you came from.

So long Dick !

Charles Bagnall

Love this guy! He seems like such a great guy to invite to a dinner party. He would be the man in the corner angry as hell at everyone due to his frustration in life.

And the last one that I thought you would get a kick out of:


people who write articles such as this are just as pathetic and lack as much knowledge in life and wisdom and real passion and most of all a heart and soul as a decent human being (or as men) as the ones who read and actually take into account what they have to say.

the problem is that there are articles like this out there in the first place. if you need to read or write things like these and study them to ‘get’ women; you’re not after them for the right reasons to begin with, and the women who truely matter know this and wouldn’t be with you no matter how ‘good’ you are; but the wrong ones will for sure. if you treat them and pursue them as objects, that’s what you will end up getting; women who are objects themselves. but if that’s what you already know and are after, good for you.

what articles like this advocate is no different than you wanting to buy that big new plasma tv you saw at your local best buy or having spent countless hours since you were 15 to come up with a plan on how to get rich and buy big lame houses and sports cars (again, probably because you want to impress women, and again, not after the right reasons). women are not targets or objects for your ‘accomplishments’ or ‘success’. articles like this; therein lies the problem.

but hey, maybe you have had trumatic issues that i can sympathize with.

truth is; if you’re actually a normal human being and not a sociopath, you would have women in your lives already no matter who you are, and if you need to read or write things like these; you’ll never find a woman who will truely matter to you in the first place. again, no women you’ll get by reading this will be worth your time; but let’s hope you’ll realize that some day.

bottom line, you know nothing and you surely are not making the world a better place.

paul chen

I am a sociopath because I write articles on dating tips. I love this guy – I mean, what a positive person to hang with!