How can you get a woman to ask you out?

Interesting question. Pretty often I run across guys who are like that. A lot of guys are thinking, “Why won’t women ask me out? I flirted with her, she looked interested in me. Why didn’t she just say, “Hey let’s get together sometime”? How do I get her to do that?”

To tell you the truth, in a way I’m a bit old-fashioned. I kind of feel like in today’s passive world, I still think there are situations where men need to take the initiative, and one of them is when to ask someone out on a date. In fact, I find pretty wimpy the way a lot of guys will have a conversation with a woman they’re interested in romantically, and then he’ll just hand his business card over and expect her to be so intrigued by him and just call him up casually. Mr. Business Card, the guy who goes around handing out his business card in social settings and then later wonders why the woman he really connected with never called him back.

How To Ask For A Date

I really think these guys just lack the balls to step up to the plate and ask a woman out: “Hey, let’s get together sometime, why don’t you give me your number and I’ll call you?” A big part of the reason is that a guy like this afraid of rejection. He’s afraid if she says, “No thanks,” that will be too much damage to his fragile ego. So instead of talking, and instead of asking her out, he basically hands over his business card.

Granted, women can certainly take the initiative if they want to, that’s great, but I don’t believe a man should try to get her to ask him out. She can drop hints, like, “Oh, it was so great talking to you,” or, “It was a blast hanging with you today, hopefully I’ll see you again someday…” But in all honesty, I just feel the man is the one who should be doing the asking, and the inviting, when it comes to dating. Just like I believe that when a man asks a woman out on a date, the man is the one who pays, period. Doesn’t matter if it’s a hot dog or a five-course dinner. He asked her out, he pays.

Women can take guys out too. Women can take guys out who they’ve been seeing and pay for a great meal, buy him a present, or whatever it might be. But when it comes down to that first date, I’m still kind of a traditionalist. I like the role of being a man. It feels good. It really does. I think that’s something that a lot of men need to understand when it comes to treating a woman right.