How do you cope with rejection? What do you do when a woman you’ve approached flat-out blows you off?

Do you feel humiliated? Do you get angry? Does it make you wish the ground would swallow you up?

Here’s the thing…

Life is all about percentages. Not every woman you talk to is going to like you. Some will be polite and make small talk, some will make a comment and walk away, and some might look at you like you’re completely mad. But some women will be attracted to you. That’s right. If you keep talking to women, and if you consistantly try to connect with people, eventually you’ll run into the women you have a spark with.

What you don’t do when a woman rejects you is freak out, and let it stop you talking to other women for the rest of the day. Most things in life are a numbers game. In sales, some leads will convert, a lot of them won’t. In football, some of your passes will complete, others will end up all over the place. In finance, some investments will do OK, the odd one will be amazing. It’s all about statistics.

You’re not going to find love with every woman you approach. You’re not going to score 100% of the time. It just doesn’t happen that way. Until you learn to accept and embrace rejection, you’re never going to succeed in anything in life. In today’s video I talk about facing rejection, and learning how to laugh in it’s face. I know some of you guys are starting to get this whole concept, but some of the emails I’ve had this week suggest some of you still need a kick in the ass!