sex on filmThis is what I feel like about all these people who have sex on film.

First off, it’s a plot to make more money.

Kardashian, you know, the famous one Kim.  She had a sex tape.  Her mom sold it for $1M.  Got to love it.  Can you imagine that: Hey sweetie, I want you to give a guy head on film, and I’m going to sell it and make it part of our empire.

It seems like any celebrity that’s going through an issue nowadays, not really making the money or fame they used to have, all they have to do is hump and fornicate on film, get it out there into social media, all of the sudden, they’re the talk of the town.

Remember the she-male that Eddie Murphy tried to get a blow job from a long time ago, Hugh Grant’s famous battle with transvestites.

Doesn’t seem to hurt a career at all, it seems to actually help.  The more naked you can get, the more interested people are.

Sex on film to me is always a funny thing.  I personally have never wanted to see anybody else have sex.  I think my sex is pretty damn good, so why do I want to watch anybody else.

Orlando Bloom the other day was caught naked kayaking on a paddle board or somewhere in Europe.  Of course he knew that the paparazzi would be all over.

It’s an attention-getter, and that’s all it is.  So we’re such a media, social media, fame-obsessed culture, that the minute a famous actor or actress, or somebody else gets caught on tape, we want to watch this because we are such voyeurs.  Why are we voyeurs?  We’re bored in our own lives, most of us.  We watch videos non-stop, sex videos, cat videos, dog videos, baby videos, any video out there, we’ll watch that has something cute, funny, or sex involved.  We do that because we truly are bored in our own lives.  We’re voyeurs, we’ve always been a voyeuristic society.  Social media and the rest of the people have really caught on to that, and now people are exploiting it left and right.  They’re just feeding into other people’s egos and other people’s insecurities.

I’ve never once watched any of the sex tapes that have ever circulated.  Personally, like I said, I could care less about a Kim Kardashian having sex.

I could care less that Arnold Schwarzeneger had sex with the maid.  I could care less about anybody’s life except for my own.

So that’s my take on sex on film.