I grew up in a beautiful suburb called Scarsdale, New York. All the homes were great, the backyards were big. It was super safe, and it was just a beautiful place to grow up.

I remember when I was 14 years old, every Friday and Saturday night my parents had plans with other couples. It was the suburban thing to do. I would babysit my brother and sister and my parents would go out to dinner on a Friday night with the Rothenbergs or the Portnoys.

On Saturday night, when the dinner parties were at our house, I’d either go out with some friends and play and do what you would do at 14, or I would stay home and get the best sex education of my entire life.

Real Sex Education

My mother had the most beautiful friends in the world. Hot, sexy, older women. And the great thing about it was they were always stoned on weed and drunk on alcohol, so I would strategically walk down and flirt with them at around the same time every Saturday night.

The Saturday night routine for kids my age at that time was watching The Loveboat and Fantasy Island on television.

Fantasy Island was always really extremely dull and boring. I never really enjoyed Fantasy Island, never really thought it was a great show. So right around 10:00 at night I would go downstairs to the party. The men would be in the living room. I would bypass that living room really quickly because I really didn’t want to talk to my dad’s friends. They always asked the same questions over and over again. How is school and what are you going to do when you go to college? Boring stuff.

I went straight to the rabbit’s den.

This den of antiquities.

My mom’s friends.

They’d be sitting around the kitchen table talking and laughing, so I would go get a donut or some snack and I would look at them and say hi and they’d tell me to sit down.

So basically from the age of 14 to 18, I learned everything about sex because they were always talking about sex. Why? Well, for those of you who live in the suburbs and have been married, you know exactly what happens.

First you have the “fucking years” and then there’s the “complaining years.” My mom’s friends were all in the complaining years. Most of them were not having great sex with their husbands anymore and a lot of them were on a quest to have a great lover once again, so they would talk naughty and dirty.

And that’s where my greatest education came in. I’d sit around with Vicky Moranski, who was 29 and a half. She would tell me how to eat a woman’s pussy.

Also, my mom’s friend, Barbara, well, she taught me how to finger a girl.

Another friend, Valerie, taught me about all the sexy parts of the body that a man ignores – the back of the knee, the small on the back, the back of the neck, so many ways to turn a woman on. Man, I couldn’t wait for The Love Boat to end every Saturday night because I would go down and I would learn about sex, and I was raring to go. I knew what foreplay was all about.

How to Go Down on a Girl

When my high school girlfriend and I got together, she wouldn’t sleep with me, but she allowed me to have foreplay with her. All we did was have foreplay my entire senior year. Hell, I was coming, she was coming, we were enjoying ourselves and we were learning each other’s bodies. That’s what I think a lot of men don’t get. A lot of women don’t get their – I can’t put it any other way – their pussy eaten well.

So, one of my favorite subjects to really talk about is how a man should go down on a girl.

In today’s video, I’m joined by one of my favorite sex experts and we have a very frank conversation. It’s something that all men need to watch, all women need to pass on to their boyfriends, and everybody needs to unite. Because you know what? Good oral sex leads to incredible sex. No oral sex leads to disappointing sex every time.