When you look around you in life, most people look around and only see activity, the day-to-day routines.

They see a man on a phone. They see a father who’d rather text than spend time with his kids. They see a group of people standing under the umbrella. They see a family walking with ice cream. They see a bunch of people riding bikes on Venice beach.

They see things in a very black and white way.

They look at a maroon car and think, there’s a maroon car.

And then they move onto the next thought.

The maroon car is all that they see… but what they don’t see is the opportunity that lies inside the maroon car.

Most people only see the outside of things, not the inside of things.

Why? Because the outside of things are obvious.

It’s obvious what you see. It’s very obvious when you look at somebody and you say to yourself, well this is really easy. I only see two kids right there looking at something. People do that because they don’t go deeper.

There’s something that Donald Trump (the businessman, not our president, whatever you may think of him) said in the past, which Obi and I actually talk about in today’s podcast. He said that being a success isn’t as difficult as people think because most people tend to think small. So the only thing you need to do is think big.

All you need to do is go one step deeper than everyone else does.

So how do you go deeper into life?

Well, it’s really simple. You look at the opportunity.

There’s something that I learned when I was buying and selling foreclosed real estate a long time ago.

The guy who mentored me, a guy by the name of Russ Brown, was the first guy who ripped me off. But, he’s a damn good mentor and he taught me some really good lessons. Even when I got ripped off by him, I learned a valuable lesson.


Anyway, we’d look at houses and he would literally take me and mentor me and say, “What do you see in this house?” And I’d say, “Well, I see a house with overgrown yard, couple of shitty cars in the driveway, broken kids toys, right?”

And Russ would look at me and he’d say, I see opportunity.

In real estate, the best real estate developers are the ones who see the shitty houses as opportunities. The more run down the house, the more money your going to make. The more of a pit, the more negotiation you can do.

And that’s what’s on the inside: opportunity.

You need to look past the surface, and most people can’t look past the surface.

Why? Because we’ve been trained to only look at the surface.

I always see opportunity.

And when it comes down to connecting with people, you have to have the same mindset: you have to look at opportunity.

You see a woman walking, she’s not smiling. Well, what’s your opportunity?

To make her smile.

You see somebody who doesn’t look like they want to be bothered. Your opportunity is to make their day.

Wherever you go, you have to look at the people they as though they are there to present an opportunity for you.

To go and do what? To go and connect.

An opportunity for you to go and meet somebody.

For you to go and meet a new friend.

It’s all one opportunity after another.

You need to look at everybody as a foreclosed piece of property.

Some people look good.

Some people look really good.

Some people look like they belong in Beverly Hills… While other people are all fucking disheveled and a mess.

But it’s all opportunity. Because everybody is looking to make their homes better.

Most people are looking to connect and make their home better, make their home life better, make their love life better.

So you have to realize that you’re the opportunity to give them the experience that they were always craving.

When I used to buy and sell cars, I used to love the cars that were messed up because it was an opportunity to talk them down. And I was good at it.

I was like, “Well, there’s a little thing here, so I’ve gotta get this fixed. One or two of these rims are gone, I’ve got to get this fixed. You know, there’s a little knock right now in the engine, I’ve got to get this fixed. I’m sorry, but this car is not worth $5,000. This car is worth $2,000 to me.”

And I made a lot of money doing it. Why? Because I was doing what no one else wanted to do. I was looking at these piece of shit cars as opportunities. Not piece of shit cars, which they were on the outside.

So that’s the #1 mindset technique that I’ve been using for the past 20 years, and it’s brought me to where I am today.

I was one of the first dating coaches to exist (before anyone had even heard of a “dating coach”). I saw the opportunity: men and women aren’t connecting with one another. They’re not living out their dreams and their destinies.

I didn’t look at them and think, “Oh well. Must be shitty to live their life.”

I looked at the opportunity to coach them. To help them achieve those dreams that have gone unfulfilled for so long.

Now, stay tuned for the second part of this article tomorrow, because tomorrow I’m going to go even deeper and show you how to use ever opportunity that presents itself to you to grow