Is there a reoccurring theme that comes up in you life from one relationship to the next.

When we’re not in a relationship we hide those reoccurring themes very easily.

On our own, we can delude ourselves.  We don’t really have to answer to anybody.

Nothing really comes up.  We might go to a self-help seminar.

Read a book on how to be a better person.

But in reality, we’re just covering up all the things that really keep reoccurring in every relationship.

What is your theme?  I want you to think about that right now.

What’s your theme?  What is the theme that keeps reoccurring for you in your relationships?  What’s the theme that people keep saying to you over and over again?

Your fears.

Your insecurities.

What comes up for you on a regular basis in a relationship.

That’s the stuff that really needs to be worked on.  We get the defensive when somebody brings this stuff up, because nobody wants to hear about our flaws.

But in reality, as human beings, we have a lot of flaws.

Nobody’s perfect.  There’s no perfect relationship.

There’s no perfect person.

There’s no perfect anything in life.

Our flaws are our flaws and they show up on a regular basis for us to work on them.
The question is today, what reoccurring themes keep coming up in your life that you keep ignoring?
What I suggest is you should pay attention to them.  Pay attention to the reoccurring themes and start working on that stuff.  Don’t be defensive anymore.
People are brought into your life to show you what keeps coming up.  So just take it, work it and don’t defend it.