We’re all so consumed with meeting someone — with meeting “the one.” We try to get as far away from our past as we can so we can meet someone.

There are some things about the past, however, that can really help you in the present and in the future. They’re called lessons and memories.

A lot of us tend to repeat the past. We tend to date the same people over and over again. We tend to accumulate the same type of friends. We do these things without understanding how and why we do them.

Your past unlocks a lot of answers to a lot of questions you have in your mind. There’s a lot of great things in your past, including all the great friends and memories you’ve left behind.

The greatest thing about Facebook is all the people with whom you can reconnect. Yesterday I put up some old pictures from my childhood (like the one above), then spent a lot of the day talking to old high school and college friends to whom I sent them. I know that by posting those pictures, that I put as big a smile on their faces as looking at those pictures put on mine.

So let’s not forget the past for two reasons. First, it holds clues to your behavior — good and bad — that you need to acknowledge. Some people make the same mistakes over and over again due to bad programming they had in their past. Second, it holds beautiful memories of great things and people that have been part of your life.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about the memories and the lessons of the past. Click here to check it out now: