Have you ever been with somebody who made you so frustrated?

Every conversation you had was circular.

You’d get into an argument with them, and you’d keep arguing for a good three or fours hours.

How many times have you gone to close friends to help you figure out why your partner doesn’t seem to understand you?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Trust me, I know. I’ve been in those relationships, and let me tell you something—they never work.

Would you ever want to have another relationship like that?

I hope the answer is a big, fat “No!”

It’s like you’re speaking English, and they’re speaking French—the conversation may be beautiful at times, but none of you understand what the other is saying.

Those kinds of relationships are brutal.

They are so demanding, so stressful, and it has even been scientifically proven to ignite the fight or flight hormones in your body—so think about the physical burdens a bad relationship create.

So how do you know if you’re with somebody like that?

What can you do to prevent these kinds of people from entering your dating pool?

Well I’ll tell you that it doesn’t involve vision boards or visualization or chanting—none of that stuff will prevent another wrong person from coming into your life.

Because there’s something called false attractions in love that we get suckered by all the time.

Have you felt suckered in the past? The key is to look for repeating patterns and to get out of those relationships ASAP.

Do you find yourself in these repeating patterns? Are you doing anything to stop them?