Welcome 2017.

So many people feel when a new year comes it’s like welcoming a new friend.

The new clean slate to do whatever has been plaguing you to be done.

New attitudes, new friendships, new love, new everything.

It’s fucking illusion.

I’m not here to ruin your 2017. As a matter of fact, I fully support you in a great 2017.

I’m just here to give you the reality of 2017.

What I want you to do is to take a look at the things that bothered you at the end of 2015. We need to write them down, make a list of the things that really bugged you, the things about your life that you wanted to change.

The stuff about yourself that you wanted to change.

Could have been about losing weight, quitting smoking.

Finding a girlfriend, finding a boyfriend.

Working out more.

Better communication skills, whatever it might be. Okay? Write it all down because it’s important that you write this stuff down because you’re going to find an answer that’s really going to shock the shit out of you.

Then I want you to do is I want you to write down what happened in 2016. The same thing, the same list of things that drove you nuts, the things you want to change about yourself, everything that’s exactly the same.

Which leads us to number one:

Pretty fucking scary the same, isn’t it?

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? A lot of the stuff that bugged you at the end of ’15 still bugs you at the end of ’16. Isn’t it amazing that nothing really changed in 2016 at all?

Even though you greeted 2016 like a long awaited brother you’d never seen before.

Or a lover you’ve never experienced before. Yet if you really truly looked at what happened in 2016, it was almost the same mirror that happened in 2015.

How do I know most of you will have the same stuff on the list?

Because shockingly enough, the master of motivation — me is who I’m talking about, there were some lingering things in ’15 that bugged me, and you know what? Like magic, nothing changed in ’16. They were still there at the end of ’16, so basically I spent two years of my life mired in the same shit that I no longer wanted to be mired in.

Pretty scary when you see that.

Now look, I know we’ve all had accomplishments in ’15 and in ’16.

But I’m not talking about that. There are things that we avoid on a regular basis that we constantly believe or trick our minds into thinking that a new year will bring new change.

Number two:

The new year brings nothing. It just brings the same you. So this is why I decided to do this. Write down the things that drove you nuts at the end of ’15 and ’16 and then really this time ask yourself this question: What is it about you, what is the fear that you have wrapped around making that change, whether it’s losing weight, dedicating yourself to a new fitness program.

Stop smoking, drinking.

Have better communication skills.

Go out and find love in a relationship and approach the opposite sex, whatever it might be.

What is the deep routed fear that allows you to keep putting the same things on the same list year in and year out? Because before we know it.

2017 will morph into 2018 and the same list will be compiled for three straight years in a row. If you really want to scare the hell out of yourself:

A lot of the stuff has been on your list your whole life.




Habits are very hard to break, but yet we have the illusion that we’re going to break our habits starting in a new year. That’s the beauty of a new year, it’s the illusion. But before we hit Valentine’s Day, we realize that we can’t get through that illusion by ourselves, so this is where the big challenge comes in.

You send me an e-mail and say: I need you, David Wygant. That’s the subject line I want to read.

You’re going to invest in yourself, you’re going to hire me to coach you.

I will work with all budgets, and have programs for all budgets.

But it’s time that you made the change that you needed to change.

You can’t be the change until you recognize the change, and most of the time we just don’t recognize it because we consistently fool ourselves. We’re really good at tricking ourselves and making ourselves feel better. We’re masters of it as human beings.

So today, I just gave you a little push because otherwise 2017 is going to be just like ’16, which was just like ’15. It’s time to get rid of the deep issues. It’s time to work on the deep stuff so your body, your soul, your mind, your being can get to a whole new level.

You deserve it, so take a leap of faith and send that e-mail to me: david@davidwygant.com.