Craigslist? Do you know Craig . . . and have you seen his list?

Yesterday I decided since I have a great deal with T-Mobile that I don’t want to give up, that I would look on craigslist for an unlocked iPhone. I mean, I am a mac guy after all, so it would be great to have one.

When I looked at the iPhones online, the prices were all over the map. That’s when I started looking for one on craigslist.

so I go to craigslist and I email a few people about their unlocked iPhones for sale. In my emails, I said that I would like to have the warranty documentation with any phone I’d buy.

At first, no one emailed me back. It’s like buying a used car — absolutely no one tells you the truth. My old business partner used to say that buyers are liars (and so are sellers).

So when I woke up this morning, I had a few emails in my inbox about my iPhone inquiries. There were three of them. The first one said I had to send a Western Union money order with my address on it. Are people really that stupid?

The other two were the exact same email from two people named Movie and Doobie. You’d think they’d just call themselves something like Joe and Bob.

It’s amazing how many people fall for these money order scams. Sonja had a friend who fell for one about a puppy. For $500.00, she got a lovely plastic Chihuahua. I mean, really, are people that stupid?

Really, how many times are we going to win the African lottery and be told there is $22,000,000 waiting for us. Who knew you had four long-lost grandmothers in Africa who would die and leave you that kind of cash?!

I’ve always said we are America the gullible. So many people want to get rich quick and get money for doing nothing.

Look at all the people whose dating life hasn’t changed in a year, but they refuse to do anything about it. It always makes me wonder.

So back to Craig and his list. I’m still looking for iPhones. So if anyone has any leads or knows where I can get one, who knows what I might do to get one? I might do anything . . . even give away a free Bootcamp. You never know what I’ll do.

Today’s blog is all about something (other than the African lottery) that just doesn’t work in life.

As I was flippin’ around the channels the other night, I saw a re-run of Mystery’s show about PUAs, “The Pickup Artist.” For any of you who do not know, PUAs are a bunch of grown men who call themselves “pick up artists.”

I have never been a fan of the whole PUA thing for a number of reasons, but most importantly because I don’t agree with their methodology.

Their whole methodology is reaction-seeking. Everything they do is premised on seeking positive reinforcement from women. They’re not leading it.

They are always looking for something positive from women, so they can move forward. They’re looking for any of the described feedback contained in the PUA manuals. It’s all an illusion.

When they go up to a woman, they’re walking on eggshells because they’re solely focused on looking for some indication of interest (which they can an “IOI”). They are not leading the woman and having a conversation.

They are waiting for an “IOI” that the woman is going to allow them to continue talking so they can continue to move forward in the conversation. They’re looking for some type of body language signal.

The funny thing about this system is that it really is a joke. You HAVE to be able to walk up to a woman and lead. I have never walked over to a woman looking to see if she is interested. I am never looking for confirmation.

I’m going to say whatever I am going to say to her based on the situation around me, and I’m going to lead the conversation. I’m not sitting there and worrying the whole time.

The PUA guys are a bunch of worriers. They worry about what the woman is saying and doing, and all the while they are missing the whole conversation. When you miss that whole conversation, there really is no conversation.