Have pride in yourself.  This is something that’s really important.  

When I was traveling throughout Europe, I realized that at every place I sat down to eat — whether it was take away or sit down — every single person who served me food had pride in their job.  They really did.  

They had real pride in their job.  They got the crumbs off the table. The food preparation was really good.  They were very friendly and made sure we had a good time even though we didn’t speak the same language.

Pride is about success. In order to become a successful person, you need to have pride in everything you do.  

If right now you’re just starting out in your career and you don’t really like your job, you still need to be the best entry level person you possibly can be.  If you’re a law clerk or an intern, you’ve got to be the best law clerk or intern you can possibly be.  

If you are at a point in your career where you’re not really happy, then you need to go find something that will make you happy. No matter what you choose to do, though, you must strive to be the best at it and have pride in your work every single day.

Doing this will give you so much more success down the line. Too many people just don’t care, and they have a “don’t care” attitude to go it.

How many times have you walked into a restaurant and were waited on by a waiter who was having a bad day and not doing much to hide it? He (or she) made you feel like garbage just because you sat down in his section and ate the food there.

I’m tired of that stuff. It’s about having pride.  

You should treat everyone you meet the way that you want to be treated. You should make everybody feel wonderful.  

When you’re out and about, if you’re in a bad mood then don’t share it with the world. Even better, just stay home.

I tell people that all the time, because the law of attraction works in very interesting and unique ways.  When you’re attractive, people become attracted to you.

So have pride in your work. Have pride in yourself.