If there’s one thing you NEED to understand and appreciate about women, it’s this. As women, there’s one thing that’s on their mind when they meet you: “Could this man possibly be ‘the One’?”

So when you’re meeting women, when you’re dating them, respect that. Be honest and open about that mindset.

If she wants kids, be honest about that. Don’t tell her that you want kids, too, just because that’s what she wants to hear.

Because your representative will eventually be revealed for what it is, and she will be forever scorned by you. Because you lied to her, you weren’t honest with her, and she won’t let that go.

Think about how you feel when a woman rejects you, and how you hold on to that rejection. That’s exactly how she will feel.

Don’t allow yourself to make her into a victim. There’s too much victimization in dating as it is.

Instead, learn about her. Be open with her. If you want what she wants out of love, give her that experience. Show her that.

That will turn her on more than all the lip service in the world. Watch the video below to learn how:

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