Art_of_CharmI have an extremely special gift for you guys today on the blog. You see, I’m all about striving to be the absolute best you possibly can in life. I’m all about helping you guys become the most confident, dynamic, passionate, and successful versions of yourselves you can be.

Not just with women, sex, and relationships, but in all areas of your life. So when my friend, Jordan Harbinger from “The Art Of Charm” website asked me if I’d join him for a recent podcast, I jumped at it. Jordan is a very smart young guy, and has an amazing talent for sharing extremely powerful concepts in an easy to understand and follow way.

If you haven’t checked him out, or heard any of his podcasts yet, I strongly suggest you do. So, anyway, a few days back we got together for this guest podcast, and flapped our gums for almost 45 minutes about everything from….

  • The art of future pacing…. And how it is one of the keys to seducing women
  • Simple techniques to stop you giving all your power away to women
  • 5 things which are more important to a woman than the first date kiss
  • How to convey instant confidence to a woman, even if you’re feeling nervous
  • And a host of other powerful information!

Any of you who have followed me for some time know that whenever I agree to do one of these interviews, I insist I can share it with you, so without further or do, the link to this amazing podcast is below. Oh, and of course, it’s completely free to listen to!

Go grab yourself some refreshments, pull up a chair, grab a pen and a pad, and enjoy!

Click Here to listen NOW!