What’s interesting about life is how it changes every day. You never know what’s going to happen every single day.

Every day is the same to a dog though. It really is. They wake up, their bladder hurts a little bit, and they wonder when the master is going to take them outside so they can pee and poop.

Then they run into the house, stare at their bowl, wag their tail and wonder when the master is going to fill the bowl with food. Then when they’ve eaten, they go lay down and go back to sleep — since they’ve had a really rough first 20 minutes of the day.

They anticipate the next walk. They wait patiently for that next walk to come.

Can you imagine living your life as a dog — spending all day waiting for things to happen? Do you know how many people do spend your life like a dog, waiting for things to happen — waiting for someone to approach them (instead going up and doing the approaching themselves)?

Waiting for someone to approach you is no different than the dog that just sits back with its bladder hurting while it waits for the master to take it outside, instead of going up to the master and nudging him.

I mean, if you want to play with somebody but you’re afraid to pick up the phone and call them, then it’s no different than a dog that’s too afraid to pick up its ball and put it in its owner’s lap.

We really are like dogs. I’ve seen people on dates who are so hesitant to touch one another, so scared. It’s almost like they were abused by someone at one point in their life, so now they are afraid to reach out and kiss or touch someone.

People really are like dogs more than you think. Dogs are always waiting. The smart dogs are always learning how to manipulate their masters.

So isn’t it time that some of you became just a little smarter, and realize that if you want something in your life to change or to happen that you can’t just be a dog sitting back and waiting? You need to put the ball in somebody’s lap, wag your tail a little bit more, and maybe you need to greet people with a little more enthusiasm. Do those things and your dating life will change.

If this didn’t put a smile on your face, then all you really are is an uptight cat. You are an uptight cat perched on a ledge that hisses at everyone who comes in the door and says, “I will never let you pet me no matter how much I need affection!”