It’s video time again on the blog, and today I have a very quick and simple tip to help you overcome your nerves when you talk to a woman. There’s nothing worse than that sickly feeling in your gut when you’re about to approach. Or the sensation you get when you start to feel your forehead start to sweat, or your lip starts to quiver.

Will this quick tip turn you into a fearless natural around women?

Probably not by itself, but with practice it will make walking over and engaging a woman in conversation far less scary. In fact, I’ve seen so many guys at my bootcamps use this to help them overcome approach anxiety and it works a treat. You guys that are madly in love with your iPhones and other devices will like it too, because you need to use your phone to execute this little nerve beater.

Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean.

“Want more? This tip came right out of The Fearless Code and in it, I have 62 more.”