mystery-pua-in-field1I was on the phone today with my friend, Brandon.

He’s a great guy and very curious about dating.

Today, he asked me:

“What if I’m sitting there in a coffee shop and I see a woman and she’s got a really cool ring on and the first thing that comes to my mind is Hey, that’s a cool ring—can I use that line to talk to her?”

Here’s the deal:

Authenticity is not a line.

If you really liked her ring, you can go over to her and say, “Hey, that’s a great ring.”

That is a statement. A statement is power. They’re action words. That’s a statement that has conviction to it.

When I go and speak to a woman, am I ever using a line?

Sure, absolutely. It could be a line. A line that comes out of my head, but it comes out of my head from a very authentic, real place.

I pick-up line is something that a guy tries to use on every woman. His whole thought process is, “I have got to find a line to talk to a woman. I have got to find something clever. I have got to make something up. I have got to get her attention…”

It is the whole mentality behind the observation in the first place.

When you make a statement, said in a very real, authentic way, then it’s NOT a pick-up line at all. A statement is a statement. It’s a conviction. It’s real. You like her ring. She is going to feel the difference.

She is going to feel like you’re authentic and real. She is going to feel like you actually do like her ring.

Think about that. Chew on it a little while. Statements are actions. Statements are power.

And people who are very secure, people who are not thinking so much or wondering what to say…these people make statements.

Are you that person?