Do you want to know how to succeed in online dating?

Do you want to be able to get the women that really turn you on the most?

Isn’t it amazing to sit online, read all these great profiles, cruise through these pictures, and contact someone based on what they wrote?

You’ve already got a mental romance brewing inside your head.

You can see the two of you going out and doing things together because you seem so alike.

Her words resonate with you.

You get all excited.

You decide to write her an e-mail.

You put it together; you craft it right; it’s cute, it’s clever, it should trigger a reaction.

So you hit the send button.

Now it’s up to cyberspace to decide whether or not the two of you are going to get together.

Let’s face it—she’s an attractive woman and she gets so many more e-mails than you do.

The average woman is receiving 30 to 50 e-mails per week!

So she’s got to choose your e-mail, and we know when it comes down to women, most of the time they make the wrong choices.

The chance of your e-mail getting lost are great.

She may have read it. She may have thought it was cute, but she may have been going through something else at the time.

She may have picked another guy—most likely the wrong guy—because she’ll be back online again very quickly.

Or she might have thought maybe you weren’t a match because of one thing you said in your profile.

Women are funny that way. They’ll harp on one thing that they’ll probably most likely misinterpret.

You know, you’ve gotten in arguments with women, so you know what happens. They’ll bring up something from six months ago that they’ve misinterpreted that they still can’t interpret right now, and it’s still bugging them.

So how do you succeed in online dating? You think you’ve done all the right steps. So what is the number one thing you need to know to become successful in online dating?

Well I talked about a similar tactic in a previous post, but this version is called online amnesia.

Even though you think you and her are a great match, even though you think everything is perfect in your mind, you need to send that message and forget about it—move on to the next online crush.

If she gets back to you—great—and if she doesn’t, you’ve already forgotten than you sent her a message in the first place.

Online amnesia.

Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t lob in another e-mail if you think this woman is really spectacular, but if she doesn’t e-mail you back, don’t get pissed and don’t get angry.

Move on to the next one.