So your online and waiting for your turn to be picked by the big scary mean bouncer and you think.

Hmm is this really how I want to spend my Friday night?

And what if I don’t get picked by Mr Bouncer?

Actually that is a great post but today’s post has nothing to do with waiting online at a club.

Its all about the world of online dating!

There’s one tip about online dating that if you follow it, will make it much less likely that you will be disappointed when you meet people for the first time in person. Just one tip, and that’s it.

Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? Any clue? Here’s the deal.

Here is the tip: When you look at someone’s pictures, be sure to look at all of them and pick out the worst picture of the bunch. If you are still attracted to them based on looking at their worst picture, then you’re much more likely to be attracted to that person when you meet them in person.

So many people put up beautiful pictures. They get professional shots taken.

Do You Think These Guys Are Datable

No one looks like they do in professional shots. Do you think that Victoria’s Secret models look like Victoria’s Secret models in real life? I live in Los Angeles and see celebrities all the time, and I don’t even recognize them most of the time.

Nobody looks as good as they do on the cover of magazines or in the movies. There’s airbrushing, there’s lighting, and there’s something called Photoshop.

It’s interesting. A friend of mine recently sent me an article from a UK newspaper that talked about how the majority of women in the UK are now Photoshopping their online dating photos to make themselves look better.

You know how annoying it is when you meet someone you met online, and they don’t look like their pictures. I think this happens most often, though, because we get all jazzed up about people’s best pictures and ignore their worst ones. It’s just human nature — we look at what looks best and ignore what looks worst.

So when we look at pictures, our eye immediately will go to and remember the best pictures. Those are the pictures that allows us to start a fantasy, and make no mistake that meeting someone online is a fantasy at first. You want them to look like their hottest picture.

What you need to is realize, and really assume, is that people you see online probably do not look like their hottest picture. When you do what I’m suggesting here and judge people you see online strictly by their worst picture, then you’re actually dating more realistically. Then if you meet someone and they do look like their hottest picture, it will just be an added bonus.

So from now on when you date online, use this test to decide whether to initiate or get involved in talking to someone. Look at the person’s worst picture and then ask yourself this question: Am I still attracted to this person? If so, then write them a clever email (or answer that person’s email) and proceed.