One of my favorite dates ever…

…is to sit directly across from her at a coffee shop…

…and talk to her.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Come on. Would you expect me to lead with my favorite date or tease you a little bit first?

Because isn’t a date all about teasing?

Isn’t a great date all about building up anticipation?

Isn’t a date about building to that magic moment?

Feeling each other getting excited in each other’s presence? Isn’t that what a great date is all about?

So, do you want to know what my favorite date idea is?

Take her on a scavenger hunt.

That’s right: a scavenger hunt. Have her meet you somewhere, and then when she gets there, text her:

Are you there right now?

She’ll reply:

Yes, I am.

Then you’ll tell her to walk somewhere else. You can do this in a mall where there are lots of fun shops. Have her meet you at one restaurant but really the date is going to be at a totally opposite end of the mall.

Text her:

Hey, I want to show you something. Go to the shoe store on the second floor and meet me there.

When she goes to the shoe store, have the cashier hand her a note. It’ll say something like:

I’ve got something for you. It’s delicious. Meet me at the smoothie stand in the food court.

The anticipation, the wait; the anticipation, the wait—it’ll make her crazy excited.

She’ll likely text you when she reaches the food court. So you then tell her to talk to Jane behind the counter. Tell her that Jane has something for her. And then Jane will hand her one of her favorite smoothies.

At that point, you can walk up and surprise her. After all that running around she’ll be really excited to see you. The date can go anywhere from there. She’ll be worked up and she’ll know that she’s dealing with a man that knows something about teasing and foreplay.

That’s right, foreplay begins on the date, not in the bedroom.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a first date, second date, or whether you’re already romantically involved: scavenger hunts are hot, they’re fun, and they’re different.

Be different.