I’d rather masturbate than have a one-night stand.

I know, atypical stance on the matter, but its true.

Let me tell you why: one night stand sex

Firstly, my hand is not going to talk to me incessantly after we have sex.

Second, I won’t have that moment when I’m about to cum and I look into her eyes and I realize, “Holy shit, this a mistake!”

If I masturbate, I can just go right to sleep. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

And third, I won’t have to talk with her, hang out with her, and pretend we like each other after the deed has been done.

One-night stands suck.

I haven’t had one in so long and I’m happy about it.

I used to love them. It was like a sport to me. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed slaying my prey and I enjoyed those moments of escape.

I was like an escape artist. I’d figure out many ways to leave and I never liked spending the night.

When you spend the night, you never get a good night’s sleep, and the whole time your bed is aching for you to come home because your buzz is wearing off—the buzz of the one-night stand, that is.

I don’t miss it. And for those of you who think you want it—consider how you really feel.

If you’re some physical dude that just wants to get off and have sex and you don’t really care about connecting—fine, I get it. I can understand why the one-night stand would be really good for you.

But for somebody who just dreams of having a one-night stand because you think it’s cool to have one or you want the validation that were you were able to bang a girl on the same night that you met her…let me tell you:

The “validation” isn’t worth it at all.

You’re just going to end up wanting to leave. You’re going to end up wanting to not be there and you’re going to end up feeling like shit.

Now I know a lot of you are chronic masturbators and you’re probably sick of jerking off.

But one-night stands are not the answer.

Why don’t you not think about getting laid and think about connecting. When you connect, sex is great. They blow one-night stands out of the water!

Seriously, I think one-night stands and three-ways are some of the most fucking over-hyped sexual experiences in the world.

Three-ways? Had one. Wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be. Did it open up my fantasy and satisfy me in ways I never thought? No, because all I was craving at the time that it happened was to be alone with the woman I was with and hoping the whole thing would be over.

Think about what you really want. Do you really want a one-night stand or do you just want to connect with a woman and have great sex and get to know her? Start setting an intention for who you are, what you’re about, and what you want, so you don’t have to have that validation-seeking awkward moment during your one-night stand.

. . .

Now tell me some of your one-night stand experiences. Tell me how you managed to escape or maybe what you wanted to say to her at the end.

Let me know in the comments below.