You know I never talk about celebrities, but every time I pick up a paper, “Us Magazine”, (which I don’t read religiously by the way) or Yahoo News, all I see are these celebrity couples who constantly break up and get back together.

Those Twilight kids Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are the perfect example.  They always seem to be on again off again. I’m sure this must be their 4th reconciliation we’re reading about now. You know what that tells me?  

They crave the drama.

Couples that constantly break up and get back together crave drama…

… They love it!

They have what I call the “fight and have sex syndrome.”  They can’t seem to get it on unless they’re angry at each other; unless they’re constantly breaking up.

If you have a relationship it should be solid. To me a relationship is about stability.  

A relationship is about support, love, and understanding.

When you’re constantly breaking up with somebody, it usually means they frustrate you. Your needs, wants and desires are not being met.

And when I see couples like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, I think to myself, “They just don’t understand each other’s language of love.”

You see when we’re breaking up with somebody; it means that person doesn’t understand us.  We feel frustrated.  Frustration is something we tend to feel when somebody doesn’t understand exactly who we are.  

So here’s what you need to do. Before your next relationship, you need to write down your own needs, wants and desires. I don’t care if you’re out there trying to meet women all day long.  If you don’t know what you want, you don’t know how you want to be loved, how to express love, what you need in a relationship, you’ll just keep ending up with women who aren’t right for you.

Spend some time today writing down what you want from a relationship;  how you want to be treated, how often you want to have sex, how you want to feel nurtured, what’s important to you in your lover?  

It’s so important you do this, because that way when you do have a relationship you’ll be able to vocalize it.

Couples that constantly break up, constantly fight, and end up getting back together aren’t satisfying each other’s real needs. If they were, they wouldn’t be front page news breaking up.  They’d be back page news having a great time alone.