Do you know why systems are put into place?  Systems are put into place by experts that have gone through what their ego has done to them, what they have learned, what they have experienced, and they sell their course and their system so you can be successful in whatever system you’re buying.

But yet, 90% of the people who buy a system or a course fail miserably.

It doesn’t matter what type of course.  It could be a stock trading course.

Real estate course.

Weight loss course.

How to build a business course.

How to stop smoking course.

And the list goes on and on and on.  It doesn’t really matter what it is.  The reason why people fail is they don’t trust the system.  They think they’re smarter than it, or they’re lazy, or they’re afraid, and that’s usually what holds a lot of people back is fear.  They think they’re going to be the only that the system doesn’t work for.  If they follow the system, the system isn’t going to work for them.  Yet, it’s worked for thousands and thousands of others.

When they buy a system, they read the testimonials.  Testimonials clearly state how great the system is, right?

But yet people don’t follow systems at all.  They like to literally try to challenge the system.

It’s really fascinating.  It’s really interesting how human nature works.

Now, I’ve been selling courses and systems for almost 20 years right now, and I’m going to tell you right now that if you’re going to buy one of my courses and you don’t follow it, you’re not going to be successful.  If you go and buy one of my courses and follow my system, you’re going to be extremely successful.  But here’s the key is that most people will not follow the system day in and day out.  At the moment they have their first loss or their first rejection or their fear comes up, they will be overwhelmed and they will quit the system, and say, well, it doesn’t work for me.

That’s when you need to keep going.  You see, I’ve been teaching myself how to trade stocks.  Am I really teaching myself?  No.  I’m following systems from people that make a lot of money, and what I’m doing is I’m trusting their system.  I’m trusting their systems, I’m seeing the same repetitive patterns over and over again.

Now I’m actually starting to use real money.  I was using paper money for a long time, and I was doing really well with paper money because I was following the system and there was no emotional attachment to money.  Now I’m using real money, and now I’m adding more things to the system to make me feel safe. Systems should make you feel safe.  Your ego needs to stop trying to outsmart the system.

Today I added support in, and now I felt even safer.  Now I can buy when it goes above this line.  This line is making me feel safe, and I’m going to sell and short below this line.  Why?  Because that’s what other people are looking at.  And it’s part of a system that I’m buying.  And it’s part of a system that I’m learning.  And I’m trusting the system, and that takes complete blind faith almost.  Even though the system is set up for you to succeed and the person sold it to you is giving you the system so you can succeed,  the average person wants either, A, to do it yourself, or, B, you have a lack of trust.  A lot of people have trust issues when it comes down to things.

I, for 20 years, have said it over and over again.  If you literally go and try to meet men or women using the systems that I sell you, they’re going to be successful. The men and women that have used it to a T have literally become extremely successful.  The ones that try to challenge it over and over again, don’t trust it, continue to spiral in the same thing.

What is that same thing?  Fear.  That same thing is you’re sitting around fear-based, and you’re sitting around literally, literally not trusting the system and trying to make it yourself.  Systems are really wonderful.  They’re actually your best friend.  If you make it your best friend, you’re actually going to start to feel way better about life.  There’s a great picture and a great quote that I just learned on a webinar the other night.  It says your comfort zone is a circle.  Put a circle there.

Now put a circle outside your comfort zone, and then write these words in here: where the magic happens.  Get out of your comfort zone, trust the system that’s pulling you out of the comfort zone, and watch what happens in your life.  Watch things change.  Watch your life change.  Watch the magic start to happen.  Trust the system.  It’s the only way to succeed.  The minute your ego comes in and says this isn’t going to work for me, well, go back and read the testimonials about the system.  Call the person up who gave you the system.  Book an hour of their time and get regrounded into the system that you’re choosing.