I was hanging out with some young friends tonight.

It was really fun.

One of my friends is a lot younger than me—over half my age.  He reminds me so much of the younger version of me.

It’s fun to watch him.  It’s fun to listen to his stories about women because they are my stories.

Did you ever meet somebody that you can see as a younger version of you? It’s kind of cool.

Tonight we just reminisced about funny stories and I remembered all of the ridiculous things I used to do when I was his age.

I remember that I used to walk the streets of Manhattan to see how many phone numbers I could get.

I remember I would go out at night to see how long it would take me to make out with a girl. (By the way, it happened instantaneously once.)

I would do a lot of things that helped me overcome my fears of meeting women and my fears of approaching.

I remember one time I was in New York City and there was this smoking hot married woman standing at the bar in a popular nightclub.

I remember that she walked over to me and at the time I didn’t know she was married.  She asked me if I wanted to dance. I looked her and I said, “I don’t dance. And if I do dance, I’m going to ruin whatever illusion that you have of me right now.”

She smiled.  I looked down at her hands and noticed a nice big rock.

“You are married anyway, so obviously you are here for one reason and one reason only: you are here because you want to cheat on your husband.”

“You are absolutely correct. What is your number?”

I gave her my number.  She said that she was going to call me the next day so that she could set up a time to come to my apartment and have sex all day.

I was game. At that age, all I wanted to do was have as many different sexual experiences as possible.

My intent would usually be to do something daring.  I would always push myself because I wasn’t born like this. I had to learn how to do it.

I can entertain you guys with stories for hours about the crazy things I used to do to push myself out of my comfort zone.

So my young friend is doing all of this stuff now and I look at him and I think back to those days. It was so much fun. I used to enjoy hunting women. I used to enjoy going out all day long and picking them up.

It was fun getting phone numbers, meeting women, getting more confident by the moment, and working on my conversation skills. It was like I did a boot camp every day for myself.

Now, I don’t care anymore. I’m looking for more of an emotional connection with people.

I don’t feel like a hunter anymore, but I love hanging out with my friends that do hunt because they bring me back to those days when there was nothing more important than working on my social skills and meeting women. I enjoyed every moment of that and that’s probably why I am doing what I do now.

But as great as it makes me feel to reminisce, I don’t ever want to go back to do what I’ve already done. I like to push myself to new limits and challenge myself in new ways.

So right now I’m kind of looking for my next challenge; my next social challenge. How am I going to push myself past the point that I’m already at right now?

Does it have anything to do with women? Is it more business, more personal? How am I going to push myself?

That’s what I need to figure out and that’s the path that I’m on right now.

What path are you on right now?