Just thinking about certain things are in life. Whenever you travel down south, you always meet a Tom Dixon III or a John Williams Jr.

You know that I am having a girl. Can I name her David Jr. because I really want there to be two of us in the house with the exact same name?

Maybe because my ego is so big, I will get a male dog and a male cat and they’re all going to be named David. Since David is not a good name for a girl, I’ll name the dog David and the cat David, and name my daughter Davida.

Look at George Foreman. He named every single one of his kids George.

What is it with men passing on their name? “It’s very important that I have a son, so he can be named Tom Jr.” You know, it’s just so ridiculous. When women have a daughter, they don’t think this way.

I’m having a daughter. Should her name be Sonja Jr.? Yes, that is what we’re going to do, have a Sonja Sr. and a Sonja Jr. in the house.

It is funny, though, because the woman who cleans my house is named Olga and so is her mother. So maybe in the Guatemalan culture, they actually name women after their mothers (instead of naming men after their fathers).

So if any of you can think of a good name for my daughter, let me know. Do you think it should be Davida or David Jr.?

Why not just name her David and confuse people altogether. Or, should I just get a male dog, name it David and keep my surname going that way.

Also, how do we tie this whole discussion into dating? It’s so easy.

Down the road, you’re going to start having sex. You’re going to meet someone about whom you are absolutely crazy. The next thing you know you are going to be getting married. One night of sex will lead to a bump in the belly. When that bump comes, you’re going to realize that naming your kid after yourself is really ridiculous.