Summers are amazing.

Well, living in Los Angeles, it always feels like summer or just a perpetual spring and fall, depending on the season.

When I was in Chicago recently, I realized the amazing thing about a Sunday summer afternoon.

Summers are about being lazy on a Sunday.  None of you should ever work on a Sunday.  Ever.

So what do I like to do on Sunday afternoon?  Late in the day I like to just walk around.  I like to go to a park and hang out and maybe read.

Most parts of the country only have this time of year to have nice weather. So people will be lingering outside for longer periods of time.  Especially on a Sunday afternoon when you just want the weekend to never end.

A lot of women will get together with their friends for brunch, maybe go to a pool or go to the beach.  But late in the afternoon they break away from their friends.

In their mind they’re doing weekend inventory.  Usually they’ve dealt with some drunken guys at a club or a bar, maybe they haven’t met anybody in a while and they go to the park, lake, pool or somewhere by themselves.

I like to show up at that park.  I’ll always look at a woman sitting on a blanket by herself and I’ll go and I’ll sit down right beside her, put my blanket down, look at her and say, “What a beautiful summer Sunday.  How’s your day been?”

Keeping it real simple.  Really easy.  Notice no magic lines, no pick-up or anything.

Notice I’m just going right for the feeling, the feeling of how her day is.  Because if you think about it, summers are pretty special for most people.

Remember when we were little kids and during the summertime we would go to camp during the week but on Sundays you would play until 9:00 at night? Well that’s what adults are.  They’re playing until 9:00 at night.

If you’ve got a lake near, you take a walk on a Sunday afternoon around the lake.  You’ll see women there taking a walk, just enjoying the last few hours of the day.

Not only that, but the sun isn’t as strong later in the day, so it’s nicer to be outside.

Rent a bike, walk around, meet people, talk to people.  If you live in a city, walk in the part where there are lots of little cafes.  You’ll see people sitting in cafes.

Sundays are magical in the summertime.  And one of the best times to meet people is late in the afternoon.

Find that bike path.  Find that beach path.  Find that lakefront.  Find a park to sit in and go there and spend the last four or five hours on a Sunday afternoon and just enjoy it and you’ll see the women there all by themselves.

And the opener, it’s already been given to you.

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