I remember my dream girl like it was yesterday. I remember Olivia Newton John in “Grease.” God, she was hot. Everything about her was just so yummy.

I remember Jennifer Beale in “Flashdance.” She was a dream girl of mine for a long time.

I remember Lindsey Wagner, “The Bionic Woman.” I had a thing for her. Not that I wanted to race her in a 60 yard dash.

Goldie Hawn.

The list goes on and on. Most of my dream girls were dream girls when I was younger. They were crushes. They were illusions. They were what I thought I wanted. They were more physical types than anything else.

Most people have a dream girl, or they play the game, what celebrity would you fuck and why? But most dream girls are just physical illusions.

And that’s where the trouble starts. You see, when you have a dream girl, or you have a physical type, whenever you see that type, it triggers what I call the XY chromosome gene called “stupidity.” We all have that gene inside our body. It triggers a stupidity in you. The minute you see a girl or a woman that is your dream girl, the physical type that you want, you go into “stupid mode.”

You lose all concept of reality. A lot of you, when you see your dream girl, you can’t even utter words to her. You put her on a pedestal. The rest of you, even if you can talk to her, immediately your brain starts telling you to act stupid. She’s my dream girl. I don’t want to blow it.

So, what happens is this.

You start dating your dream girl. She is the physical type that you like. Then with this dream girl, you start ignoring the things you really need, want, and desire.dream-girl

You get so caught up in not blowing it. You get so caught up in making sure everything is okay, making sure she likes you, making sure she is happy, that you forget about yourself. You get blinded by ‘dream girlitis.’

And when you get blinded by dream girlitis, you end up in a relationship with a woman who thinks she can do no wrong.

Why does she think she can do no wrong? You have made it appear that way. You set that precedent. You made her your dream girl, but you ignored the things that made her a real girl.

You ignored everything about her. You ignored the fact that she is a little crazy. You ignored the fact that she runs across the street barefoot, in the traffic.

Speaking of running across the street barefoot, I actually saw a girl running barefoot on LaCienega Boulevard. A girl who was quite pretty, with a great body. Somebody’s dream girl. She was barefoot. She ran towards my car, then ran across LaCienega and through a parking lot at full speed, barefoot. She started running down one of the side street, barefoot.

If I wasn’t in a hurry I would have followed this dream girl to see where she was going, because I was so curious.

Where would a barefoot person run in Los Angeles with no fear of cutting her feet? She was full on barefoot. This girl is somebody’s dream girl.

Some guy is going to put her on a pedestal, and he’s not going to know that at 11:00am she runs barefoot across half of Los Angeles.

Some guy is going to put her on a pedestal because he is going to look at her looks and fall for her and immediately try his best to be accepted or to be loved.

That’s the mistake we make. We don’t pay attention to the details. We might be dating a crazy person or someone who may not love us the way we need to be loved. In turn, we put this dream girl on a pedestal because we’re so infatuated with the way she looks. We’re so infatuated with the way a girl looks.

Women are far more evolved than men. They don’t put men on pedestals. A woman will date a guy just because he’s awesome. It doesn’t mean she dates guys that are ugly. But she doesn’t date a guy just because of his looks. Sure, women make mistakes and will date a man for potential. They’ll think that all of a sudden he’s going to become motivated and become great.

But we make the mistake of falling for their looks. I want you to remember something the next time you’re dating your dream girl.

I want you to remember the crazy girl I saw running across LaCienega barefoot, no bra, boobs bouncing ever so nicely. Because that girl is somebody’s dream girl. That girl is going to drive somebody nuts.

Make it more about you. Don’t make it so much about her and you’ll have a more well-rounded relationship because there’s no such thing as a dream girl.