Happy Birthday DavidSo I’ve made it to another birthday!

I’m another year older, another year wiser, and grateful for all the amazing things I have in my life right now.

Now, even though it’s my birthday my loyal subscribers are getting an AMAZING present from me today.

I’ll tell you about it in a moment…

But first of all I want to go back to something I just said about “being grateful.”

I want you all to think about something for a moment…

How often in your life do you stop and just be grateful for what you have?

Yes you may have relationship issues, you might not have had a girlfriend/boyfriend in a while, and maybe you hate your job.

But what about the things you do have?

Do you have family who love you?

A well-paid career you love jumping out of bed for?

A special talent you amaze people with?

Maybe you simply have a great body or facial feature people comment on.

Whatever it is…

You need to come from a position of looking at what you do have, rather than what you don’t.

If you approach a potential partner thinking about how desperate you are for their phone number, or worrying so much about being rejected, what sort of vibe do you think you’re sending out?

It’s about feeling good about the positive things in your life.

When you do that you project a more positive vibe, and its way more attractive. It feels a whole lot better too.

What I’m really saying is…

Take the time to be grateful for the good things you have, and less time worrying about what you don’t.

I guarantee when you give yourself that gift, things will change forever!

Be kind to yourself, remember that positivity breeds confidence, and take every opportunity that comes your way!


I mentioned earlier my newsletter/email subscribers were getting an AMAZING present today in honor of my birthday…

It’s a special one-off 24 hour special that comes with a free product which could transform your dating and personal life forever.

If you’re not already subscribed to my newsletter I suggest you do it right now using the banner up top of every page of the blog.

Thanks to those who already sent birthday wishes to me.

You know I appreciate each and every one of you!

Have a great day!

(And no I’m not telling you how many candles there are on my cake!)