Today, I’m going to talk to you about something that, to me, is the key to success in life; Multiple Income Streams

I’ve talked about it before.

Multiple streams of income.

For those of you that only come to me for dating advice, I’ll offer one dating analogy.

If you’re going to go and date, you need to be dating multiple people to find someone who’s really great. It’s all about probability, by dating multiple people you’re increasing your chance of success.

Multiple streams of income. Every successful person I have ever met has multiple streams of income.

They don’t just rely on their one business. They have other ventures.

Why? It’s like a portfolio.

The more you have in your portfolio, the greater success because there’s some years parts of your portfolio is going to be down. It’s just the way it goes. You may be in the information based product, program product business, and that year might be a bad year for information based products.

So what do you do then. What do you do if you only have one stream of income and you’re an entrepreneur and your one stream of income starts to go down.

Well, you hit the panic button. That doesn’t seem to ever work out.

You can get annoyed and pissed off and wonder what you’ve done wrong. That’s not very productive.

Or you can look at it as an opportunity to realize that you still have a stream of income, but you need to open up another stream of income. Multiple income streams.

I’ve been doing that lately. A lot.

I’ve been opening up multiple streams of income because it’s really the way I’ve been doing it for a while.

If my business goes down a little bit, then real estate comes into play.

If real estate and my business slow down, then the stock market comes into play. You see, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been learning the stock market by one of the best organizations that I have ever found.

Jason Bonds, full name right.

The man is a master teacher and a master at helping you learn the stock market. He’s even got a program that gives you texts of the deals you should pay attention to, and let me tell you something, his texts are damn good.

You can learn a lot from him.

You can learn a lot about the importance of multiple streams of income from me.

But if you really want another stream of income, you can really listen and watch and he’s got this free webinar that I think is really worth your time.

You need to have multiple income streams.

It’s amazing, a friend of mine came here years ago. When he came here, came here from another country, his English was not great, and he had multiple jobs. From there, he worked his ass off and saved money. And then he built his first business and while he was building his first business, he started building a second business.

He’s a landscaper.

Then he had a building contracting business.

Then he also bought a laundromat.

And the list goes on and on.

The man now has like 10 businesses. And some years, some of his businesses are slow, but it doesn’t bother him because he looks at life as a giant portfolio. One big portfolio. A really big portfolio that sometimes some things work, sometimes things don’t work.

But all around, it gives him better exposure to wealth.

There’s terms you learn in the stock market, more exposure to the market, better exposure to this.

The cryptocurrency market is all based on guys buying 10 coins and hoping that three of them pop or two of them pop, and they don’t really care what happens in the other one.

Hedge funds, I’ve written about this before. They do the same principles. They’re expecting certain things to lose, but they have so many things in their portfolio that the gains outweigh the losses.

Adventure Capitalist did the same thing. So why not learn from them. Multiple streams of income.

Check out Jason Bonds.

He’s one of my multiple streams of income, and he’s got high integrity, which is a plus in today’s world. He’s an amazing teacher, which is a double plus