Yesterday on the blog I posed a question to all of you. I gave you the choice of two places and asked you in which place you would rather be.

The first choice was an island in the middle of the ocean so absolutely beautiful, enchanting, amazing and mysterious that everyone wants to come to it. The second choice was to be on a boat chasing the waves all day long, looking for the next wave and looking for the next big adventure that’s going to make you feel good. 

Let me tell you something.  Men who answered the second choice and saying they’d rather be on the boat, are men who are constantly chasing.  They’re always looking for something that doesn’t exist.  They tend to be looking for a fantasy.  The same is true for women.

If you’re always chasing the next best thing it means that you’re not present with what’s happening in the moment.  You’re not aware of what’s happening in the moment. 

You always think there’s going to be a bigger wave, a better wave, a more clear ocean, and a deeper ocean.  What happens is that instead of attracting people, you’re chasing them.  You’re one of those people who go around chasing people all day long.  You haven’t learned the art of attraction. 

You haven’t learned what attraction is really all about, so what you do is chase. You see somebody, you chase them, but then you don’t relate to them because you’re looking for the next “better” thing. 

When you’re an island, i.e., you’re secure, you’re sensual, you’re erotic in your passion and you’re mysterious, people are attracted to you.  When you walk around as an island that’s full of confidence and radiates great energy, then everybody wants to come and touch you. 

Everybody wants to sit under your tree.  Everybody wants to go hang out on your beach.  People want to party in your bars.  People want to hang out with you in every which way. 

The reason for this is that islands are more interesting and have different depths to them.  There’s the dry side of the island.  There’s the wet side of the island.  There’s a sunny side of the island.  There’s a cloudy side of the island.  An island has emotional depth.

On the other hand, all a boat knows how to do is to go fast or slow . . . and nothing in between. When a boat is just cruising, most people get bored and they want to go fast again.  Conversely, an island has so many different places to go and so many different things to see.

So you want to be a diverse island.  You want to learn how to attract.  Most of you don’t know how to attract.  Most people chase.

Learning how to be able to approach and interact with any woman you want with total CONFIDENCE and in ways you will ENJOY, is something you CAN DO. If you want to learn step-by-step how to do this, check this out