Shy WomenThe other night I was having dinner in a restaurant by myself, which by the way, is something I think everyone should do once a week. Why? Well for one it’s a great way to get you in the habit of communicating with people around you. Secondly, you need to be comfortable in your own company. There’s a lot of power in a man who can be comfortable on his own. We’ll get deeper into that another time.

While I was there, I heard these two women talking. One of them didn’t know what to say or do because she’d seen a cute guy. She was saying how nervous she’d felt and that she was so scared she didn’t say anything to him at all. Now she was all upset with herself for letting an opportunity to slip by her. I smiled at them and left. I didn’t feel like talking to them. I wasn’t in the mood, and I had things to do anyway. But it’s something I don’t think a lot of you guys even realize. Wake up. Do you know how many times men say to me, “David, I never know what to say to women.”

I always tell them, neither do women, but we all want the same thing. You know what that same things is?

It’s called LOVE.

That’s right. The two women sitting next to you also have monkeys going crazy in their head. When you see that shy looking girl in the coffee shop, she’s driving herself mad trying to think of something to say to you to get your attention. They want the same as you. They want love and a relationship. Every day I get hundreds of emails from men and women, all looking for love. Yet every single day, people pass each other on the street and say absolutely nothing. Men and women look into each other’s eyes, and then keep walking without saying a word. It’s mad because we all want the same thing. Here’s an open message to all men once again…

Stop believing women are super heroes who have mad social skills and never get nervous. Women are as socially challenged as you are. They don’t know what to say all the time. If they did they’d be able to use their super hero powers and be able to pull you over with their magic eyes. They’d get you to come over, and know exactly what they say to you to spark attraction.

It’s such a simple mindset and you need to start adopting it today. Women are as scared and nervous socially as you are. Whatever nerves you have when you meet a woman, she feels the same way. They want the same thing as you. Love and affection. They want love. They need love. And they crave love. It’s what everybody lives for. Keep that in mind the next time you see a really hot, sexy looking woman all by herself.

She’s probably feeling the same about you!