You’ve met somebody fantastic.

You went out on a date with them. You know they are different than anybody you’ve ever met before. You both are on the same exact page. It’s almost like the stars have aligned.

Timing is everything. Timing seems to be perfect here. You like each other. You are texting nonstop.

You got on a call to say hello and four hours have passed.

You’ve met somebody you know is going to be in your life. So what are the two things you need to do first before anything else?

1. Go online and you delete all the apps that are dating-related on your phone.

You go into Bump Um. You go into Tender. You go into Hinge. You go into whatever dating app or apps you have and you literally delete your picture and your profile immediately.

You need to do this before anything. It’s crucial, and you know what else? You are also telling the universe that you met somebody spectacular. You’re making a grown-up decision. You are not searching for a bigger better deal mentality that so many people do.

You are literally telling the universe I met somebody. I am going to commit to get to know this person. I’m going to commit to learning about this person and I’m going to commit to seeing if we can have a relationship.

If it fails in two weeks or a month, so be it. You know you can put your little dating apps back on.

2. Delete your Match.Com, Okay Cupid and all those accounts.

Everything. Once again, the same exact thing. There should be no loose ends. Because you don’t want anything to go wrong. You want to be able to give the energy that person has given back at you. You want to literally be able to connect with that person and have them know that they’re only connecting with you. It’s super important to do that.

And the next thing is:

3. Text any single woman that you’ve been talking to.

And tell them hey, I really enjoyed connecting to you. But, I’ve met somebody recently and I’d like to give it a chance.

Why do you do this? Because, once again, not only are you preventing a bad thing from happening. But you are also telling the universe that you are committing to getting to know this person.

The reason being is that one day you and your new person are going to be hanging out. Your phone is going to go off and she will see Whole Foods Mary or Whole Foods Jean. You’ve got a nickname for people in your phone. And all of a sudden that bloop goes off.

She looks at the phone and all of a sudden you open up a conversation. Who is that person? Then you’ve got to sit and explain. Oh, that was somebody I once dated. That was somebody that I went out with one time.

But you are opening up the seeds of doubt. You can’t prevent people from texting you. But you certainly can take the preemptive strikes to prevent it from happening. You need to clear the air and clear the space and you need to allow the other person to come into your life. You need to allow whatever feelings are stirring between the two of you to manifest to their absolute beautiful fullest that they possibly can. And you are not going to do that if you are still toiling on any of the dating apps or still hopefully or texting any of the people you once were flirting with.