Do you want to know the secret to meeting women in bars?

Actually, there are three of them…

1. Don’t drink alcohol!

That’s right, you heard me correct.  Don’t drink alcohol. I’m sure most of you have gone out, and downed a few shots to get the courage to approach. You stand at the bar, waiting for your liquid courage to take hold, and survey all the women to decide which one you’re going to approach.

But guys, that’s the absolute worst thing you could do if you want to meet and impress women in bars.


What do I always tell you about standing out from the crowd?

When a man approaches a woman in a bar, she automatically expects you to be drinking. Most guys who stumble over to try and get number, have all gone overboard on alcohol and just look sloppy and stupid. Do you think women are impressed when they see all the male bonding on a Friday night?

You know, the groups of guys sucking down booze, screaming, and hugging each other like mad men. I’m telling you, they’re not impressed, and it doesn’t turn them on. Confident guys don’t need to down a ton of booze before they’ll approach a woman. Plus, do you really want to risk going home with a woman when you don’t have a clear head?

I’m telling you, I’ve heard so many horror stories I just never go there, and neither should you!

2. Don’t approach drunk women!

There is a major question of ethics here for a start. Can a woman make an informed decision about who she wants to date or sleep with when she’s out of her mind on booze? Secondly, when people drink they’re not showing their true personalities. She might seem like fun when she’s drinking, but in the morning, she could be a boring, rude, pain in the butt. Meeting women when they’re drunk is a bad idea full stop!

3. Observe the 10pm rule

When I go out to a bar or restaurant, I go early. When I see a woman I’m attracted to, I walk directly over to her.   

I’ll walk directly over to her, I’ll look at her, and I’ll connect with her instantly, based on the same exact things that I talk about in all my programs… observations. I’ll chat with her for a while, close her for a phone number, and if she’s not waiting for friends, I’ll see if she wants to go somewhere else. If she’s with friends, I tell her I’ll call her tomorrow and we’ll arrange a date. I close quickly, and then I leave. All before 10pm.

Here’s why…

Drunken men are going to be approaching her all night long after I leave, so I claim her instantly with my mind. She can see my mind is clear, and she can see I’m strong and powerful.  I’ll grab her phone number quickly, and I will leave. That’s how I connect with women in bars.  If I need to go meet somebody, I want to be sober.  I also want to remember the conversation, and I want to make sure that the connection is real, not based on any alcohol-induced thing.

I don’t drink so maybe I’m biased, but in all my experience, I very rarely hear any success stories about people who met when they were drunk. How about you guys? Have you had any good or bad experiences meeting women in bars?