Meeting_the_perfect_womanYou know, sometimes I read some of your emails, and I feel your desperation. I can sense the frustration and resentment in your words. I can tell how angry some of you are because life “isn’t going your way” or because you’re not able to attract women in the way you’d like.

You see other douche bags dating the girls you want, and it feels hopeless. Sometimes you just feel like giving up. Sometimes you feel like there’s no point in doing any work on yourself because “nothing ever works.”

I can see it your eyes when I pass you in the street. Here’s what I know about most of you reading this…

You want to live an incredible life. You recognize that we get one shot here, and you want to make the best of it possible. You want to experience life from the peak. You want to experience fun, excitement, passion, sex, connection. You want the freedom to choose the women you date, rather than them choosing you, and you want the opportunity to make your own choices in life, rather than your situation making them for you.

Do you know what else I know about most of you reading this?

I know that you’re great guys. I know that most of you are bright, intelligent, motivated, determined men, who want to contribute, and who would treat any woman they dated like a queen. I also know, that most of you are SO close to breakthroughs in your life, but the trouble is most of you don’t realize how close you are to where you want to be.

You’re just a few tweaks away from finding a girlfriend. You’re just a few belief changes from getting that job promotion. You need to start seeing it yourself, and you’d see what you want out of life isn’t an impossible dream.

I remember watching a program on television a while back about Golf. The “expert” was trying to teach the host how to hit the ball. What I learned from that program was this…

If you hit the golf ball just 1mm or 2 in one direction or the other and it sends it in a completely different direction. If you make a change of a tiny millimeter when you hit the ball, it ball ends up in a completely different place.

It’s the same with a football. If you throw the ball half a second too early or too late, your quarterback is going miss it. In a car, slam on your brakes a fraction too late and you die. Hit the brakes a second or two earlier and you live.

Your life is defined by very small margins, and very small changes to the way you think and act, can send you in a completely different direction. That woman you didn’t approach this morning? She could have been the woman you married. That good-looking girl you didn’t email today on, was desperate to meet you.

Your dreams are not impossible gentlemen. The fact you read my blog, and listen to what I have to say, puts you way ahead of most other guys out there anyway. So many guys talk a good game. So many guys tell you how they want a better job, more money, and sexy women in their life, but they’re not prepared to do anything about it. You are, and that makes you different. You are in control of your own destiny, and you’re all much closer to the breakthroughs you want it’s untrue. Even my friend, John here on the blog….

People always call him out for being negative and saying there aren’t any single women out there. Sure, his attitude isn’t ideal most the time, but he was open to exploring new opportunities and he’s discovered the “magic” of Tinder!

All the single women he thought didn’t exist where he lives are apparently on Tinder. Who knows…

Maybe John will find love there. Maybe he won’t. But he’s found a new POTENTIAL. He’s found a new OPPORTUNITY. What changed? Did he suddenly go through some amazing transformation? Nope. He picked up his phone, downloaded a free app, and suddenly he’s speaking to women. The small changes lead to the major breakthroughs.

You’re all capable, and you’re all closer to living that amazing life and getting the girl than you think. I was watching “Any Given Sunday” again the other night. It’s a great football movie with Al Pacino. In it, he gives a team talk to lift and motivate his losing team. It’s a great speech, and drills home the message I’m trying to give you now. The speech also reminds me of the amazing community of guys and gals we have here at Team Wygant. Do we agree all the time? No. But we’re all in life together, and we all want the most amazing life ever.

Keep working, keep fighting for what you believe in, and honestly guys, it’ll inch by inch be worth it in the end!