Meet Me At The PTA By David Wygant
I have been asked by all the single mothers that read the blog to create a post about how to hook up at the PTA.
Today will be all about single mothers and fathers.
For all the men that read the blog, todays video will elevate your flirting skills 135% and eliminate your fear of rejection.
How many of you single mommys out there see some hot single daddys out there at the PTA and you think “How do I get that good looking guy to flirt with me and ask me out without little Johnny’s teacher thinking mommy is a just a huge flirt?”

First off, if little Johnny’s teacher is single, then you had better flirt with that hot guy before little Johnny’s teacher is making him dinner. In all seriousness, though, you need to not over think this situation.

Remember, you have something in common. Both of your kids go to school together . . . and both of you have your ex-spouses glaring at you in the corner. So you need to flirt with a little bit of common sense here.

1. Walk over and introduce yourself. Playing coy will not get you the boy. You’ve got common ground, so start talking about the kids. You can even ask questions like “How is little Katie handling the divorce?” or “How long have you been separated?” You’ve got common ground, so bond! Plus, this allows you to snoop around a little bit. He will not be sure whether you are flirting with him or not, but either way you find out whether little Katie’s dad is single.

2. Have an adult get together. Literally say this to him “A bunch of us single moms and dads are having a dinner party without the kids. Thought it would be a fun thing to do. I’d like to invite you to the next get together.” By doing this, you are inviting him to a get together you will be having in the future. Also, have him invite a friend. So what happens here is that none of you get caught flirting by the teacher, you won’t get an eraser thrown at your, nor will you be sent to detention. What you will be doing is getting all the adults together another night and letting chemistry take its course.

3. If you are like most women, you’ll do items #1 and #2 above, and skip this part. If you are bold and don’t want to beat around the bush, however, after you’ve flirted with him you can come right out and say: “Let’s get together for a cup of coffee. Why don’t you give me a call.”

This is your life. Being coy will never get you the boy. In order to properly flirt with a man, you need to be obvious.

Think for a second about when you were married. You asked your husband to clean up in the office. He’d look at you and say “Clean up what?”

We men don’t see the stack of papers on the desk. We don’t see the pile of dishes in the sink. We don’t see the fur balls traveling like tumbleweeds across the floor. We don’t see the towels hanging crooked in the bathroom. Instant replay in sports was designed with us men in mind . . . since we never see the play the first time.

So if you want to snag a good man, you need to be OBVIOUS . . . unless of course that man was coached by me.