When you’re dating and you’re having sex, it’s always fresh. The sex is always fun, it’s always new and exciting. You’re really exploring a new person, there are always new ways to connect with each other, and every day it feels like you’re finding out something new about each other.

But in relationships, the sex can get monotonous. Daily life gets in the way and everything else just kind of fades into the background. Do you ever get to a point in a relationship where you just feel like you’re stuck? You’re not hearing each other. You’re not connecting each other emotionally. You always know what you need when you hit that point in relationships.

What you need to do is get away from everything. Kids. Work. Bills. Day care. Diaper care. Whatever it is. Even if you have no family, you just need to get away from work, from your friends, texting, iPhones, all the distractions in life. You need to go on a fuckation.

That’s right: a fuckation. What’s a fuckation, you ask? It’s where you do nothing for 48 hours but fuck each other. You book a nice hotel online, and you get out of town for the weekend. Actually, you can do this anywhere. You don’t even need to get on an airplane or even leave town, really. You can just do this on the other side of town. You drive a half hour away. You pick a point. Say, “Honey, we’re going to drive for 30 minutes and once that 30 minutes is up we’re going to exit the first right and we’re going to find a hotel. We’re going to check in, and we’re going to do nothing but stay in bed, fuck, order room service, and have fun.

It’s called a fuckation because sometimes you just need to leave everything else behind and reconnect on the most basic level. Sometimes you need to stop all of life’s activities and really take the time to do nothing but enjoy one another without distractions.

So here’s what you need besides a hotel and a vehicle to get yourselves there: you need to bring some body lotions, some massage oils, some candles to set the mood. Lingerie too, even though it’s all about staying naked for 48 hours. No clothing allowed. The only thing you’re packing in your overnight bag is a toothbrush and clothing that you can return in. Actually, screw that. Don’t even pack that. Just return in the same clothes you wore on the way there.

The only things you pack in your overnight bag are fuckation toys. Adult toys. Bring a vibrator along, handcuffs, whatever floats your boat. Try out something new you’ve never tried before. Scented oils, bubble bath soaps, foot lotions for foot massages. Maybe a book you can read to each other while taking a bath. Maybe some Netflix DVDs to watch while you’re resting between marathon lovemaking sessions.

Hot Vacation Sex

Order as much room service as you want. Really spoil yourselves. But if you order food, make sure you include food that you can eat off each other. Order strawberries. Order chocolate syrup. Maybe bring a few bottles of wine or champagne. Maybe some liquor if you guys like doing shots—but if you do shots, make sure they are body shots off of each other. Try some tequila body shots, they’re great fun. You put a lime in your partner’s mouth and sprinkle a little bit of salt on your favorite part of their body. Lick the salt off their body, take the shot, and then suck the lime right out of their mouth.

Be creative on your fuckation. It’s all about letting loose and having sex. It’s all about reconnecting, having a blast with each other, and realizing that you don’t need anything else except for each other to keep you happy and satisfied. So let your imagination run wild. And no phones! Granted, for those of you who have kids you need to check up on, you can do that. But that’s it, and you can do so only after a nice, long love session.

If you’re stressed out, your relationship isn’t going that great and you’re losing touch with each other, you need to take a break and get away. So suggest to your partner that you need to take a fuckation. Tell them what the ground rules are. Make each lovemaking session last. Better yet, think of it as one long 48-hour love session. Take the time to massage one another from head to toe. Massage each other’s toes and fingers; take the time to get to know each other’s bodies all over again. When you slow things down and dedicate the time to one another, you’re going to discover each other in brand new ways. By the time you get home—in the same clothes you came in—sex is going to be far more interesting and a lot more fun, because you will have learned so many different things about each other sexually and some new exciting ways to turn each other on.